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00:00: I have a dead body.
00:08: When you did see the body, what was your impression of what had happened?
00:12: Disgott sessions.
00:14: There was rage involved in it.
00:16: Absolute horror that somebody could be treated that way.
00:20: The body had been wrapped in plastic sheeting.
00:23: It was a man and his head had been covered and duct taped as well. and his body had been burned.
00:30: And they're like, what?
00:31: We found your son.
00:33: He is deceased.
00:36: It was like somebody punched me in the gut.
00:40: At this point, police are scrambling for clues.
00:45: Anything that might lead them to Scott's sessions killer.
00:49: We've got to go friends.
00:51: You've got to help with your hacker there.
00:54: He became very jealous.
00:56: We get really angry.
00:58: When they find a guy like him that they fall for,
01:03: then they got to start really making it.
01:06: And he was not a big change.
01:08: You meet somebody that you think might be a great person
01:12: to start dating, and then all of a sudden your life is gone.
01:16: But before it's all over, there will be a second body.
01:19: It's hard to hide blood when it's everywhere.
01:35: We had a sold out two-night concert at Candelite Dinner Playhouse.
01:39: It was February 10th, 2020, it was a Monday night.
01:45: Scott Sessions, who is in my Elvis tribute band, he was a trumpet player.
01:51: I had been promising Scott for months that I would make it to one of his gigs.
01:57: We bought our tickets the minute they went on sale and I was going to get to see Scott
02:00: play for the first time in forever.
02:03: It was pretty exciting.
02:06: As he got closer and closer to start time, Scott wasn't there.
02:11: It was weird because Scott had failed to show up for the gig.
02:14: Something Scott doesn't do.
02:17: He was always ridiculously early to the gig and always ready to go, dressed looking good.
02:25: When the curtain opened and he wasn't there, we thought, well, maybe he'll show up in
02:28: a little bit and if I remember correctly, it was starting to snow.
02:31: It was snowy, it was cold, Scott didn't show up.
02:35: You know, in the back of my mind, I had a bad feeling.
02:38: We were all trying to figure out what had happened.
02:48: Our story begins here in Greeley, Colorado.
02:54: It's about an hour north of Denver and its community built on cattle, oil, and agriculture,
03:00: but one that has a thriving blue scene.
03:07: We call a red.
03:09: We're about 115,000 people, primarily agriculture.
03:14: We have been known for our beef in this area forever.
03:19: People are friendly and it has a small town feel.
03:22: We're located in this pristine little valley where we have the best of both worlds.
03:29: He played his trumpet at some of the local bars here.
03:35: But some say that his personality played louder than his horn.
03:41: He started playing probably age or nine.
03:46: There's a picture with a trumpet holding it across his chest.
03:51: I'm probably age or nine.
03:54: There's a picture with that trumpet holding it across his chest.
03:59: That trumpet's bigger than he is.
04:02: His high school teacher said, hey,
04:04: you ought to play in the jazz group.
04:07: And I think at that time, he really
04:09: started to get interested in playing the trumpet.
04:15: When he put that trumpet to his lips was,
04:19: Whew.
04:21: I've known Scott since high school.
04:23: We've been friends for the last 40 years.
04:26: He always wanted everybody to be happy and to get along.
04:31: He was a very caring person.
04:32: He cared about people, cared about helping others out.
04:35: Scott was very much a people person.
04:39: He was just a good guy.
04:41: Music made him larger than life.
04:44: He was always on.
04:45: There was no off switch with Scott's sessions.
04:48: He was very loud and explosive personality,
04:51: and that's what made him great on stage.
04:54: He played the trumpet in a Denver-based band called
04:57: The Movers and Shakers.
04:59: His song is called High Rod Helen.
05:01: It's incredible when you watch video of Scott performing.
05:05: When he was up on stage, he had the facial expressions.
05:08: He had body movement, like when he was really hit,
05:10: those high notes would be kind of crutched down.
05:12: And you got the look on their face. he really got into the music. ["Scarter's Presses on the Jumping Dollars!"
05:20: Scott and I met in January of 2018 at a gig of his.
05:27: He was nice and thin and in shape and, you know,
05:29: he had this, you know, strong arms and, yeah, his, he was very cute.
05:34: Scott's former girlfriend agreed to do an interview,
05:37: but she asked that we not use her name.
05:39: Scott's a really good at love and he's good at expressing love.
05:42: He's really good with his words, and he would sing me songs.
05:46: He'd just all those romantic things.
05:48: When Scott played up on stage, you know, when I grabbed his butt
05:51: or tried to kiss him, I always called him fan girls.
05:54: Our band, the Movers and Shakers,
05:56: it just exploded out of the gates.
05:58: They were competing in competitions and winning them,
06:01: and they were really beginning to go somewhere.
06:04: When my band started to do bigger concerts,
06:06: we added a horn section, and Scotty was my trumpet player for many years.
06:12: Best trumpet player, Mr. Scott Session-Benz.
06:18: He loved live performances.
06:22: Scott loved being up on stage.
06:23: He loved being part of a group of musicians.
06:27: Scott could lose his left leg and he would still show up to a gig.
06:33: Scott was always known to be reliable.
06:35: So it stunned his friends and bandmates
06:38: when he didn't show up for his sold out concert.
06:41: It was Tuesday morning.
06:49: I get a call from George Gray and I said,
06:53: hey, Scott didn't make it to the gig last night.
06:57: And he said, well, that's strange.
06:58: It turns out that's not the only thing he missed.
07:01: They had made plans to go see his mom.
07:03: His mom wasn't doing well with her health.
07:05: He never came out and I didn't give it any thought.
07:08: Those guys stayed up late or something.
07:11: When he thought maybe he just slept in,
07:13: I said, I'm going to go over to his house and see if he's OK.
07:18: And George said, I'm kind of really worried about him.
07:20: I know something might have happened.
07:23: His father met me there.
07:26: Sorry, checked in the garage, and Scottie's car was not there.
07:28: The snow hadn't been shoveled.
07:31: The cat hadn't been fed.
07:33: Scott was very particular about taking care of his cat.
07:36: It was the one thing that could get him to leave a party as if his cat needed attention.
07:40: Something was clearly wrong.
07:46: There'd been a snowstorm.
07:48: Maybe he went off the road somewhere where he was going for a drive in the mountains.
07:54: I went to the police department and filed a missing persons report. and that was about new niches.
08:02: As that day went on,
08:04: and we were all putting stuff on Facebook and texting his number.
08:09: Hey man, we're getting worried about you, you know,
08:11: what's going on, you know, we're concerned.
08:13: I got a phone call from the police department.
08:16: He said, would you be willing to come in?
08:19: The detective would like to visit with you.
08:24: I'm on the Pingri Park Road. and I have a dead body.
08:41: I'm in Pudrecadien in the heart of the Colorado Rockies.
08:45: It was just down there that a snow-plow driver
08:48: sees something smoldering burning up on the hillside.
08:51: I'm on the Pingri Park Road.
08:53: road at the monument goch exit and I have a dead body. Okay we'll get help on the
09:03: way are you able to provide any details? Well there was a tree on fire and I went up to
09:09: put it out and he's laying next to it. Okay and you believe he's got any help? Yeah he's definitely passed away.
09:20: He thought somebody had been out there camping and had left a campfire.
09:25: And so he was going to go throw some snow on it and make sure that he put out
09:29: whatever fire was there. When he got close to the plume of smoke that's when he
09:34: realized this was a body. The body had been wrapped in plastic
09:40: It was a man and his head had been covered and duct taped as well.
09:45: He was found next to a smoldering log and his body had been burned.
09:55: Driving out here, this is as remote as it gets.
09:58: The nearest store, much less house, miles and miles away.
10:02: Everywhere around us is just trees, forest, and snow.
10:07: Detective Justin Atwood took me to the very spot where that snow cloud driver made the deadly discovery.
10:13: So he literally walked up this pretty steep embankment here from down below.
10:17: Exactly.
10:18: Clambers up here to this smoldering log.
10:21: Absolutely.
10:22: And then get surprised when he realizes that there's a body.
10:25: It shocked him. It scared him.
10:28: It had been intentionally burned.
10:30: It had been wrapped in plastic.
10:32: And that plastic had been bound in duct tape.
10:38: I got a phone call from the police department.
10:43: They said the detective would like to visit with you.
10:48: I should have known something was not right on the Sunday morning when he didn't come to the gold seaside.
10:57: We wanted to make sure that we made contact with Stan as soon as possible.
11:02: So it was about 4.35 o'clock when they...
11:07: The detective said we found your son.
11:10: He is deceased.
11:12: Standing immediately broke the news of Scott's death to his ailing wife.
11:17: She said,
11:20: who would want to kill my Scotty?
11:26: It's a very difficult thing to tell somebody that their loved ones deceased. emotionally it's difficult.
11:31: And really the music community is one of the last of a gift to trumpet player.
11:35: Sessions was found dead on February 10th by a snow cloud driver in Bellevue.
11:40: Mr. Sessions was ultimately identified with a fingerprint reader during the course of the autopsy.
11:46: If you've been to a local bar that plays rock or soul recently, there's a good chance you've heard Scott Sessions on trumpet.
11:53: Sessions' body was found alongside a road in Bellevue.
11:56: He was a person.
11:58: You know, I had a soul, I had a smile, I had a laugh.
12:02: He was real, I mean, it's hard to describe.
12:05: And now, you know, he's just a body.
12:09: George Caldon said that they had found a body
12:12: and a remote area of the mountains outside of Fort Collins.
12:16: And my wife and I looked at each other and thought,
12:19: no way, no, that's not Scott, a champion.
12:24: He was found deceased, almost decapitated, and that his body was lit on fire.
12:31: When you did see the body, what was your impression of what had happened?
12:36: Disgott sessions.
12:37: It was very deliberate.
12:40: There was rage involved in it.
12:42: Absolute horror that somebody could be treated that way.
12:46: And then disposed of that way.
12:49: No one deserves that.
12:51: You don't get a lot of murders in Laramor County.
12:54: And here you have a body that's almost decapitated.
12:58: This is probably the worst I've ever seen.
13:03: It was like somebody had punched me in the gut.
13:06: There was a lot of regret that I hadn't made it to a gig sooner.
13:16: A lot of regret that the world had just lost a very amazing man.
13:22: We didn't know at that time who would have killed him.
13:29: Something had to go terribly wrong.
13:34: OK, so where are we?
13:35: We're out in front of Scott Sessions' residence in Greeley, Colorado.
13:40: This is where he lived prior to his death.
13:43: We came here to serve a search warrant.
13:45: What kinds of things were you looking for?
13:47: Well, the first thing that we're looking for is the scene of the disturbance.
13:51: It was a, your standard bachelor pad, single guy living in there.
13:54: It was fairly clean.
13:56: It had some clutter to it and stuff like that.
13:58: We were looking for blood, was his vehicle parked in the garage.
14:01: We tried to find a cell phone.
14:04: One of the major things that we were looking for was his trumpet.
14:07: The instrument that he played in the van
14:08: because he never went anywhere without that trumpet.
14:11: One theory was that Scott has been robbed and killed for his trumpet.
14:15: We were told that it was a very expensive trumpet.
14:18: We started looking on databases, pawn shops,
14:21: to try and find if there was a trumpet that was identical
14:24: to Scots that would have been sold.
14:27: And we actually found his trumpet in his house.
14:30: It was in a closet.
14:33: It ended up turning out to be a dead end.
14:37: Investigators press on desperate for clues
14:40: that could point to a motive or the killer.
14:44: They were kind of at a loss.
14:45: They didn't have a suspect.
14:48: It was important that investigators
14:50: find out everything they could about their victim,
14:53: Scott Sessions.
14:57: I was the last person he talked to before he died.
15:00: They get this call on the Saturday evening and he said,
15:08: I'm back home and I have a date tonight.
15:13: There are these in water or something?
15:16: No, but okay.
15:16: So obviously they began questioning his friends and his family, including Scott's father Stan.
15:22: Well, obviously this is a difficult time for you and your family.
15:26: Yes, we want to be as respectful as possible,
15:30: but we also need to get to the bottom of what's going on.
15:33: He was an emotional guy and if he fell in love with a woman, he went clear to the core.
15:39: There was no woman back and this is a kind of a flaw.
15:45: For long term girlfriends, he had an elevator at record there.
15:50: He had a difficult relationship with a girlfriend that lived in Greeley.
15:55: There was documented contacts with law enforcement and there was a restraining order that was in the system.
16:01: Scott had several tumultuous past relationships,
16:04: and detectives wondered if one of them might have a motive to murder the popular musician.
16:11: One day after Scott's body is found, his car appears out of nowhere.
16:16: To wish this person driving a dead man's car.
16:35: Whenever you have a case that's big like this,
16:39: you start working it, you start living it.
16:42: everything that you do was nothing but the case.
16:46: This was my first assigned homicide.
16:49: There was a huge team that came together to work in this case.
16:53: So we kind of prepared, did not get any sleep
16:56: for the next four or five days.
16:58: In situations like this, there's a lot of stuff that you need to start doing.
17:02: We started reaching out to his friends.
17:05: Does he have any new associates?
17:07: Anybody that nobody knows about?
17:08: Does he have a secret girlfriend that nobody knows about type thing.
17:12: There was a lot of things that we needed to do.
17:15: While interviews with some key witnesses are happening, another set of investigators
17:20: are busy analyzing data from local cell phone towers.
17:24: What they're trying to do is pinpoint
17:26: exactly where Scott Sessions may have spent the final moments of his life.
17:31: The cell phone provider was constantly retrieving data from your phone.
17:37: It's sending data to the cell phone provider
17:40: as to the location of that phone.
17:42: Those records will also tell you last made phone calls,
17:45: last received phone calls, or last known telephone numbers that you sent a message to.
17:51: That tower is going to capture specific data.
17:56: Scott's cell phone last pinked three miles away from his house in Greeley, Colorado.
18:01: That was the last location where Scott's cell phone had been prior to his death.
18:13: At this point, police are scrambling for clues.
18:16: Anything that might lead them to Scott Sessions killer, they have cops canvassing neighborhoods,
18:22: and they find Scott's car here, right across from that King supers.
18:27: It looked like somebody else had driven Scott's car,
18:30: intentionally left it in the parking lot
18:33: of the supermarket with the keys in it.
18:36: One thing that was unusual was one of the floor mats
18:40: from Scott's vehicle was found underneath the vehicle.
18:45: When the vehicle was originally located
18:48: and that floor mat was also processed for potential blood evidence.
18:52: It tested positive on a screening test for blood.
18:56: However, we were unable to get a DNA profile on that stain.
19:01: It was pretty evident to us that this was a vehicle dump.
19:07: Police pulled surveillance video from the King Super supermarket and surrounding businesses, including an urgent care.
19:14: They were able to see the car pull into the parking lot.
19:19: They were able to see somebody get out of the driver's side, walk around the car,
19:25: and then ultimately walk away from the car on foot and leave the car in the parking lot.
19:29: And that happened after they had already found Scott's body.
19:34: That was the first video that we had of our potential suspect.
19:46: We needed to talk to every single one of his friends
19:48: and find out who he's been hanging out with.
19:51: Investigators talked to two of Scott's ex-girlfriends.
19:54: Well, obviously we're here because your dear friend, Scott, is best of wing.
19:58: Yeah.
19:59: I like to go out and listen to live music and he's a trumpet player and I met him through
20:06: that, dated for two years and then I broke up with him.
20:13: And so during that relationship you had indicated that there were some troubles and stuff like that?
20:20: He became very jealous.
20:23: We get really angry.
20:25: So I decided for my own safety, I filed a restraining order.
20:34: And that was for three months.
20:36: He's really straight now.
20:37: He's the happiest I've ever seen him.
20:39: That's why this is such a shock.
20:43: A friend of his called me and she said, did you know Scott was missing?
20:47: And I said, no.
20:50: And then her next sentence, while he was murdered, and they're like, what?
20:54: We were on and off, it was pretty tumultuous.
20:57: And so we were seeing each other for little less than two years.
21:03: When you would go do things with him, he'd hold you
21:05: and he put his arm around you.
21:08: I felt so safe and loved when I was with him.
21:14: So this is the last message I ever received from Scott.
21:20: Hey, how's it going?
21:21: I'd love to tell you all about that.
21:23: It was really fun, it was really cool.
21:25: We did really well.
21:26: So anyway, so give me a tolerance.
21:30: So if you have a great date, talk to you soon.
21:37: Little did she know that investigators were already
21:40: eyeing her as a person of interest.
21:42: They were collecting pieces of chewing gum and a hair sample from the ex-girlfriend's trash.
21:49: And there were a series of text messages and a 30-minute phone call between Scott and
21:55: Azx just one day before he went missing.
22:03: So I'm very sorry that we're here.
22:06: And this is going to be a very sensitive topic to discuss.
22:11: We started to identify that there was a recent relationship.
22:16: There was a restraining order that was in the system
22:18: and that they had an argument where the police were called.
22:22: And we knew that per house was in the central part of Greeley.
22:26: We dated consistently until he got arrested until
22:32: life of 15th, 2018 because we're straining order put on him.
22:37: When we had a big fight here at the house,
22:40: we started yelling at each other and he ended up throwing coffee at me.
22:45: I told him to get the F out of my house
22:47: or I was gonna call the police.
22:48: And he left.
22:50: It was pretty agitated when he left,
22:51: but I didn't think much of it.
22:54: I started cleaning up and then the cops showed up
22:56: at the door so he had called the police.
22:59: He reported himself, he thought she would call
23:02: and then I'm gonna get picked up.
23:05: Well, he called me that, picked up anyway.
23:10: He wrote a nice letter to the judge.
23:12: To me, it really wasn't that big of a deal.
23:14: I said, please help Scott resolve this situation.
23:18: And so he solved it and we moved on with it.
23:20: You're talking to him and they're asking questions.
23:22: You can tell they started getting distracted.
23:25: We were in the middle of that interview.
23:28: And we get a knock on the door.
23:31: We got to go right now.
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25:27: It was on Valentine's Day and we were out at the Well County Sheriff's Office.
25:33: Investigators are speaking with Scott Sessions, ex-girlfriend.
25:36: This is going to be a very sensitive profit to discuss.
25:40: You know, they'd ask me if I had information on Scott,
25:42: and then I could tell they'd start of getting distracted.
25:46: And then all of a sudden, they just cut the interview short.
25:47: They're like, OK, thank you so much.
25:50: We get a knock on the door.
25:52: And it says, you got to go.
25:54: We got to go right now.
25:57: After hours of questioning, Scott's exes
25:59: police get a new lead, one that would clear his ex-girlfriends of involvement.
26:03: They served a search warrant on the 14th the February on Scott's apartment.
26:08: During that investigation, they actually found passwords.
26:12: I raised down to 35th Avenue in Greeley because we had
26:19: broken into Scott's Facebook Messenger and found out that at the same time that Scott
26:25: was talking to his dad on the phone, Scott was having a Facebook Messenger conversation
26:31: with whom we identified as Heather Frank.
26:35: just a couple of weeks before his murder,
26:38: Scott Sessions met a local Greeley woman named Heather Frank.
26:43: Heather and Scott had exchanged multiple communications via Facebook Messenger.
26:49: They were talking about her attending some of Scott's concerts.
26:53: In particular, she had seen him perform and she liked him.
26:57: It was obvious that they had met in the past.
27:00: Well, we discovered to be the beginning of the story,
27:03: So to speak, January 24th, there was some Facebook communication between Scott and Heather.
27:09: This seemed to be starting or developing between the two and it seemed to be romantic in nature.
27:17: The pair first connected over a shared love of music.
27:21: I met Heather at the clip and that's when Scott met her as well.
27:24: It appeared she was very taken with Scott.
27:26: She was a beautiful woman.
27:28: I remember the look on her face when she was watching Scott.
27:31: You know, he was like, you know, puppy dog, guys.
27:35: Now we are trying to understand Heather Frank's life.
27:40: What is her lifestyle?
27:41: Where does she work?
27:42: There's a lot of stuff that we had to figure out at that point.
27:45: When I met Heather's friends, they described her as a fun, loving, free spirit.
27:51: Tell me how you knew Heather.
27:52: They seen her every two months for haircut in the style.
27:56: And we took her hair from blonde to red,
27:59: and it was like four hour appointments,
28:01: so it's just you and her usually.
28:03: It's interesting in your line of work,
28:05: you become kind of a therapist, right?
28:07: Oh yeah, that's what my business card says,
28:09: hair therapist, you put the hair color on, and the truth serum comes out.
28:13: She's very colorful, and she always had the best clothes.
28:17: She's very friendly, very boisterous, just a happy girl.
28:21: This is super fun.
28:22: Heather was a mom to three boys.
28:24: where eldest son Alex said the two were inseparable.
28:29: She was pretty much like my best friend and we did everything together.
28:34: My mom and my dad got divorced in 2010
28:38: and after they separated it was kind of rough.
28:40: But us three boys always put a smile on her face.
28:46: She would be there for me when I had Hortons.
28:49: She would just track me out to go do fun things
28:52: and get back in the swing of things.
28:55: She was always blasting music.
28:57: She loved it.
28:58: Every time I come over, we'd always do dance parties, like a little dance house.
29:03: She loved nature.
29:04: She loved going camping.
29:08: She worked as a server over at Doug's day diner.
29:12: People loved her.
29:13: I met Heather at Doug's.
29:16: We worked together every single day for those three years.
29:20: She didn't waste any time.
29:21: I'd been there for a week when she invited me to go out to a concert with her and have
29:26: a really fun night and from that point on it kind of just grew.
29:30: Every Thursday, girls night, we always look forward to that.
29:34: That was our night.
29:35: We'd start out, we go the same place or the same thing and just rank, eat, hang out and have fun.
29:43: And if we got off work early enough, we'd just go walking around downtown Greeley, little
29:48: little hole in the wall bars, just fun times.
29:52: She did tell me that she had met somebody and he placed in a band and she really enjoyed
29:57: going to listen to his music because it was jazz.
30:00: She just said, met somebody and I've been meeting him at this bar.
30:05: It definitely just kind of seemed like an innocent little, I met somebody and I'm gonna hang out with them now.
30:11: I didn't ask too many questions yet.
30:13: I remember meeting Heather.
30:15: He brought her down to one of our gigs in Denver.
30:19: He'd only met her a few weeks prior to when we'd gotten on
30:21: this trip to go down to Memphis.
30:23: He says, oh, there's this new girl that I'm talking to.
30:28: So in the days leading up to his disappearance and murder, what were they exchanging?
30:33: What were they saying in those messages?
30:35: They were very friendly with each other.
30:36: They were making plans to hang out with each other.
30:41: There was a point though on the 8th of February
30:45: where the tone of those messages changed.
30:47: You could actually see the different tone.
30:50: It was more of a, hey, let's connect, let's meet.
30:54: Come over to my house.
30:56: I was a little bit more direct in demanding.
30:59: At this point in the investigation, police are putting the pieces together
31:03: and they realized that the date Scott told his father
31:07: about umbeburi 8th was actually with head of Frank.
31:11: We were seeing that leading up to the last time
31:15: that Scott had a conversation with his dad Stan.
31:18: About 5'30 in the evening, almost 6'clock in the evening
31:21: on February 8th was that he said, hey, dad,
31:24: I found the door that I'm going to.
31:25: And I'll talk to you later.
31:26: I'll see you tomorrow.
31:28: I love you, talk to you later.
31:29: And that was the last conversation
31:31: that we know Scott to ever have.
31:35: By that time they had pulled the phone records for Scott Sessions and they had started to put
31:39: those pieces of the puzzle together and realized that Scott Sessions' phone had traveled to the area of Heather's apartment.
31:48: It started pinging in the area of Heather's apartment and they also knew that his phone had stayed there overnight.
31:57: But at that time, the fact that his phone eventually dies in her apartment or gets shut
32:03: off one of the other and they never found his phone was very telling for detectives.
32:10: Police have zeroed in on Heather Frank as the last person to see Scott's sessions alive.
32:17: So we had to be very cautious about what our next steps were. We can't just go storming in there
32:22: and say, hey Heather, what are you doing? And what happened to Scott? Well I remember very vividly pulling into this cold assack.
32:31: There was a vehicle that was there that had some damage
32:34: to the front of it, and it looked like it had driven in a snow storm.
32:38: It had very, very bright red dirt on the side of it.
32:44: The authorities discovered this security camera footage.
32:47: You can see the car was driving westbound up the canyon, heading towards Pingree Park.
32:53: Where's this car going? and couldn't lead to the killer.
33:08: Investigators seem to be on the right path with Heather Frank,
33:12: and now they need to know more.
33:15: Detectives.
33:16: They can't say for sure that Scott Sessions died at Heather's apartment, but they can start watching behaviors.
33:23: We started writing a cell phone data record warrants for Heather Frank.
33:27: At the same time, we're doing this background check and finding out that
33:30: she had a very difficult relationship with a subject, Kevin Eastman.
33:37: Usually whenever she got a new boyfriend, the first thing she would do is introduce
33:41: us three to the person she was seeing. In the beginning, Kevin, he was always very nice and
33:47: always interested in our lives. Like, how was your day? How'd work go? You know, just trying to become closer with us.
33:55: Kevin is an oil field worker.
33:57: He had worked here in Greeley.
34:00: Kevin was previously married and had a daughter.
34:02: He'd been dating Heather for more than five years.
34:05: Kevin probably proposed that Anno have three or four times.
34:10: She didn't want to be tied to that forever.
34:12: But it is hard as she tried to get away from him.
34:15: It just got harder and harder every time it seemed like.
34:19: There were a number of police reports
34:21: where she had been the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Kevin Eastman.
34:28: She didn't want to continue talking to him,
34:30: but they'd still see each other from time to time.
34:34: But it wasn't until the end of the year of 2019
34:37: when she told us that she had finally told him that she's done.
34:44: Despite telling friends and family,
34:46: otherwise Kevin appeared back in Heather's life in February 2020.
34:51: My mom called and asked if me and my husband and my two brothers would all like to go out and eat.
34:57: And I heard someone whispering in the background.
35:02: Me and my husband, we didn't make it either to my brother Christian.
35:06: My brother Blake and his girlfriend, they ended up going.
35:10: After Blake came home, he told me that Kevin was back.
35:14: And he was there at dinner with him.
35:17: This was after they posted on the news
35:20: that there was a body found up in the Pingri Park.
35:24: So while Heather's family learned that Kevin resurfaced,
35:27: police learned to own that mysterious car
35:31: that had been parked in front of Heather's apartment.
35:33: We identified the vehicle that I had seen that had the mud
35:36: on the side of it, belonged to Kevin Eastman.
35:38: It registered to him.
35:39: So all this stuff was starting to come together
35:41: that we're going down the right path that we need.
35:45: Detectives decided they are going to now start to surveil them.
35:51: We wrote search warrants asking a judge to grant us permission to look at
35:55: Kevin Eastman's cell phone as well. And when we got those records back, we started putting those records together
36:01: and trying to look at the last known locations.
36:05: Investigators realize that Scott, Heather, and Kevin's phones
36:10: are all in the same place at the same time on February 8th.
36:13: The night that Scott disappeared.
36:17: All three cell phones were on the same location at the same time.
36:19: And then Scott's cell phone disappears.
36:22: It's not registering anymore.
36:25: At this point, Kevin Eastman and Heather Frank are both suspects
36:28: in the disappearance and death of Scott Sessions.
36:31: We got a tracker on Heather Frank's vehicle as well as Kevin Eastman's vehicle.
36:37: We decided instead of having a law enforcement officer parked on their street 24 hours a day
36:43: watching their front door, watching when they leave, we can put a pole camera on there and we can remotely watch.
36:50: So you actually had a camera that you had the utility companies put up on that pole?
36:56: So to the top, it was attached, facing towards Heather's apartment, that building right there.
37:03: They were hoping to figure out when they were coming and going and being able to follow them and do other things.
37:10: We had a track around the vehicle, so we were able to see they drove to Levelin, to Best Buy, to Victoria Secret.
37:18: Not a lot of information that they're involved in something.
37:21: Police didn't notice anything suspicious while they're surveilling Heather and Kevin.
37:25: But more data from their phones starts to come in
37:30: and police get a big break in the case.
37:33: On the morning of the 9th, about 7 o'clock in the morning,
37:37: we could see that Kevin Eastman's cell phone
37:40: and Heather Frank's cell phone left her apartment
37:43: at the same time and traveled the same path.
37:49: The cell phones stop pinging at Ted's place,
37:52: which is a gas station off of Highway 14 and Highway 287 in Lermar County.
37:57: About the same time where you would go into the mountains and lose connectivity to your cell phone.
38:03: Based off of the last known direction and travel of Heather Frank and Kevin Eastman's cell phone,
38:08: we knew that this vehicle had to pass by the Missilwaka. The Missilwaka Amphitheater had cameras
38:14: outside and we knew that we could get vehicle traveling eastbound and westbound on Highway 14 going up to Pingri Park.
38:22: The way the surveillance camera has positioned, it shows Kevin's Subaru
38:28: passing the restaurant going westbound up the canyon.
38:32: I think it was 8.37 in the morning.
38:35: This footage shows Kevin's car driving toward the area the body was found
38:39: just three hours after Scott's cell phone dies at Heather Frank's house.
38:43: Same damage that I saw on his vehicle,
38:46: Parked outside of Heather Frank's apartment was on the camera at the Michel Walker.
38:51: Then we see what would appear to be his Subaru traveling the opposite direction.
38:58: I think it was 11 30 or so later that morning.
39:00: So it was about a three hour time frame where it looked like heaven's vehicle was up in the canyon
39:06: in the area generally of Pingri Park.
39:09: That was our third major break to this case. that vehicle passing by the Michel-Walca,
39:15: the cell phone records leading up to Pingri Park,
39:17: and then going back to her apartment.
39:19: We started right in warrants for people's arrests, for the murder of Scott Sessions.
39:29: On February 15th, about 5.30 in the evening,
39:32: we saw Heather Frank leaving her apartment
39:35: with Kevin Eastman walking directly behind her.
39:38: This is the moment that turned the case upside down.
39:43: One of these people never be seen again.
39:46: MUSIC
39:56: It took everything I had to not scream. Why?
40:01: I'm sure that you've seen stuff in the news about somebody disappearing from screaming.
40:06: Our friend Scott was killed in one of the most brutal killings ever.
40:12: They found him, but now someone else in the area is missing.
40:16: Her children don't know where she's at.
40:18: Her boss doesn't know where she's at.
40:21: But it had to be some sort of love triangle gone wrong.
40:24: All they have is this one man to guide them in a six-hour police interview unlike anything you've ever seen.
40:32: My eyes got no screw down.
40:35: This is almost three hours in and he's alone in the room.
40:42: I'm pleased, sir, Father.
40:44: Let me help his man get to the bottom of his case, please.
40:50: Do you think at this point that Kevin Eastman is dangerous?
40:54: Where was the blood out there?
40:56: That's f***ing where? That's f***ing where?
41:00: I was like, whoa.
41:01: What really happened to Scott Sessions?
41:05: Oh, please.
41:07: No, it's not detailed.
41:08: It's not detailed.
41:09: I know.
41:10: No, I don't want to get in there.
41:12: Do you think this is all theater?
41:19: Somewhere among the 110,000 Greeley Colorado residents, a killer, Roams Free.
41:26: Cops are on the hunt for Scott Sessions' murderer,
41:29: and they focused their attention on a waitress and a former oil rig worker.
41:33: And that focus is thanks to large part
41:36: to a camera pointed right in their direction.
41:41: It's the day after Valentine's Day, about 5.30 PM.
41:44: And Heather Frank and Kevin Eastman come out of her apartment.
41:48: They loaded to his silver Subaru.
41:52: Heather is carrying a jacket in her hands.
41:54: She looks almost unsteady on her feet as she's walking out.
41:58: They're not out in a conversation
41:59: and she gets into the passenger side of the vehicle.
42:02: One of them is never coming back
42:04: and this is a key moment in the case
42:07: because it's being captured by a surveillance camera
42:10: set up on a light pole across the street.
42:14: We have a pole camera, we have trackers on the vehicles.
42:18: So we decided that night that we're gonna go home now.
42:22: Our team's gonna power down for a night, get a good night's sleep
42:25: and that we were gonna come back to work the next morning
42:27: at 6 o'clock in the morning and start this case back up again.
42:31: The plan is to arrest Frank and Eastman the following morning.
42:36: But while the investigators are trying to get some rest,
42:39: Kevin Eastman is not.
42:41: He's driving far and wide into a rural area.
42:45: And overnight, he'll be making multiple stops.
42:50: The first stop is to the home of a man named Troy Bunnell.
42:55: Troy Vanille runs his own trucking company essentially, and Troy is always needing help and
43:01: assistance with that, and that's actually how Troy and Kevin are connected.
43:06: They used to work together in the past.
43:10: So I came to the office, and Donnie Robbins called me, and he says some strange stuff happened
43:16: overnight while we were sleeping, and we had a tracker that was going off on Kevin vehicle all throughout the Pony grasslands.
43:25: That concern me enough that he is destroying evidence.
43:27: I want to get out here and see what he's doing.
43:30: Donnie Robbins is a no-nonsense lawman who has spent a lifetime working major crimes.
43:36: He's running this investigation.
43:38: Do you think at this point that Kevin Eastman is dangerous?
43:43: Oh, yeah, for sure.
43:44: Suffering to be armed at least with a knife, obviously,
43:48: because of the way that Scott Set sessions was murdered. murdered.
43:52: In the early morning hours, the GPS tracker tells Robbins that Eastman's vehicle has been down by a river crossing.
44:01: Not about place to get rid of evidence.
44:03: So Robbins heads in that direction.
44:06: But then he sees smoke and the veteran investigators experience tells him where there's smoke, there's fire.
44:16: And then you're thinking, oh, so that's when I decided I probably needed to drop by
44:20: there to see, Jackie, what was going on with that smoke.
44:25: Upon his arrival at Trebenel's, he sees who he positively identifies as Kevin Eastman
44:31: wearing a baseball cap and tending this fire.
44:34: It's a very rural area.
44:36: Some people burn their trash.
44:38: What was uncomfortable was he couldn't see Heather Frank.
44:40: He could see Kevin Eastman.
44:42: The other thing about Dine Robbins at that point though is he has no backup.
44:45: He's out there by himself.
44:48: He's not in a marked car.
44:50: He's looking at a guy who's got a warrant from Mark.
44:53: At that point in time, we don't even have a search warrant for that property.
44:57: So while the suspect is occupied at the burn pit,
45:00: Robbins makes a quick detour to survey that river crossing.
45:05: But when he returns to the buttole property,
45:08: Eastman is driving away.
45:10: And the two cars actually pass each other.
45:12: Lieutenant Robbins actually sees
45:15: Kevin Eastman driving north on Kennerwood 45.
45:19: I turned around and began to follow him and we ended up going to a small town called Cursey.
45:28: And at that point is when Sergeant Robbins decided that he needed to make contact.
45:36: It's early here at Phillips 66 and until now Sergeant Robbins has been keeping a safe distance as he follows Eastman.
45:43: But earlier that morning he had seen him burn something in that fire pit and he's right there at the first gas pump filling a gas canister and Robbins decides he cannot allow him to burn anything else.
46:00: He pulls him behind him at the gas station. Kevin is standing outside of his vehicle and he's pumping fuel into a portable gas can. gas can.
46:12: Obviously, I already had burned pit over there.
46:14: He's been burning something in.
46:16: Scott Sessions' body was burned.
46:19: So I had, I can say, concerns that he was going to take that gas can and probably use it
46:24: as an accelerant to destroy evidence of some kind.
46:28: From the moment Eastman pulled in, security cameras captured it all.
46:33: So you arrest him, you pull out your pistol.
46:35: Pull out my pistol.
46:36: How far away are you from him? 10 yards, maybe.
46:40: What do you say?
46:41: He didn't say anything.
46:42: What do you say?
46:44: Sheriff's Office, your under arrest, get on the ground.
46:47: Mr. Eastman.
46:48: I'm pointing my weapon at him.
46:50: He's turned rounds and looks at me and he gets on the ground.
46:54: I'll go up in that handcuff.
46:56: I did search him and on his person he had a wallet,
47:00: a substantial amount of money, and I fixed blade knife and cargo pocket of his pants.
47:07: We later found out that there were shell casings to a 22 caliber rifle or handgun in this pocket.
47:13: Did you ask him?
47:15: Where's Heather?
47:16: Where's your alleged accomplice?
47:18: After I advised him of Miranda, I asked him where she was at and he wouldn't respond.
47:27: We executed the search warrant on the Bonel property and then the first contact we had with
47:33: Troy Bonel.
47:35: We cleared the entire property, which was a garage, the house, and we didn't find Heather
47:43: Frank's, which I was concerned with at that point.
47:46: Just because investigators can't find Heather Frank on the property doesn't mean she's not there.
47:53: And if Kim is been knows where she is, he's not saying.
47:57: Where's Heather?
47:58: What?
47:59: Where's Heather?
48:00: She's probably in the corner.
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48:57: The Laramor County Sheriff's Office, they're serving a search warrant at Troye Benels.
49:02: They're getting a search warrant ready for Heather Frank's apartment.
49:07: And they're also interviewing Kevin Eastman.
49:10: So there's lots of things happening simultaneously with a bunch of questions that still need to be answered in a hurry.
49:18: A Graley Man has been arrested in the murder of a Northern Colorado musician.
49:23: and getting matters more, Heather Frank is not with Eastman
49:26: at the time that he's picked up.
49:28: Her children don't know where she's at.
49:30: Her boss doesn't know where she's at.
49:32: And in fact, in the investigation,
49:34: they find out that not even Troy Bennell has seen Heather Frank.
49:39: So this is your office?
49:41: Yes, we're at the Limer County Sheriff's office.
49:44: And this is the interview room
49:45: where we had a conversation with Kevin Eastman for six and a half hours. six and a half hours.
49:51: You're name Kevin Eastman.
49:55: Nice to meet you.
49:56: Is he relatively calm at that point?
49:58: He's very calm.
49:59: He's very polite.
50:00: He's very cooperative.
50:02: My eyes got no screwed up.
50:03: Also, I had a crush.
50:05: So, um, yeah, my memory's not all the sort it should be.
50:09: During this interview, Eastman has this story about getting ahead and jury at work to cause all this memory loss.
50:16: So much so he just cannot remember being red as rights only about one hour earlier.
50:22: How many times during that interview do you think he said, I don't remember or I can't remember.
50:27: Oh, I don't know. 30, 40, 50 times.
50:30: I don't believe that I can't remember.
50:33: I'm sorry, I can't remember.
50:35: I said, can't remember.
50:37: But Eastman's mind is not totally blank.
50:41: He is able to recall certain dates and times and conversations.
50:48: Just as long as they have nothing to do with either Heather Frank or Scott Sessions.
50:53: Sunday the ninth that snowed, I'm going to snow in a lot of work.
50:59: That's kind of different from the guy who was warning you I have a head injury and can't remember anything.
51:03: He's telling us that he can't remember things that happened two or three days ago, but
51:07: he's telling me stuff that happened six weeks ago.
51:11: starting to lose credibility with me at this point in the interview.
51:14: And I'm sure that you've seen stuff in the news about somebody disappearing from
51:18: Greeley.
51:20: Is it a musician?
51:24: Is it a musician?
51:25: Yeah, it was a musician.
51:26: Yeah.
51:27: Did his eyes drop when you mentioned Scott Sessions the first time?
51:32: This is a person that is hiding.
51:34: He really does not want to be present in this conversation because he's very uncomfortable.
51:40: He does not want to face me.
51:43: He's hiding his face.
51:44: He's hiding his emotions.
51:46: He's hiding whatever his reactions are going to be.
51:50: Some of the more interesting moments in this cat and mouse
51:54: game come when the investigators briefly leave the room, but those cameras are still rolling.
52:00: This is almost three hours in, and he's alone in the room.
52:08: Please, sir, Father.
52:09: Let me help these men get to the bottom of his case.
52:13: Please, our poor man was on his sixth.
52:19: Do you think this is all theater?
52:21: It could be, or he's actually feeling the stress of it.
52:24: Oh, ladies and gentlemen, oh, sweet, and stand.
52:44: He's taken a lot of deep breaths because I think he's starting to feel some of the pressure where this conversation is going.
52:54: We're trying to get him locked into a timeline of events prior to Scott going missing.
53:05: Up until this point, we have not really been in your face presenting facts that, hey, look,
53:12: you need to tell us this stuff.
53:14: We are getting very close to us transitioning from an interview into an interrogation.
53:21: So you can see that I'm leaning in to apply that emotional pressure.
53:25: I wanted to see what his emotional reaction would be to ask him to say Scott's name.
53:30: You can say his name.
53:38: Scott, you're having a hard time saying his name.
53:41: He cannot utter the name Scott Sessions.
53:44: Yeah, he continued to say, well, I didn't know the guy.
53:47: Yeah, who liked that over the institute?
53:50: He didn't want to say his name.
53:51: Easton appears to have this emotional breakdown
53:54: when investigators attempt to read him a transcript
53:58: of the messages between Heather and Scott.
54:01: Oh, please.
54:03: No, it's not detail.
54:04: It's not detail.
54:05: I don't know.
54:06: I don't know.
54:07: I'm getting it.
54:09: Are you thinking that this is someone who was a clever criminal?
54:13: I think he's experienced.
54:14: He knew exactly what he was doing.
54:16: He had a plan.
54:17: But we need to be completely honest with each other, OK?
54:20: I can't, I can't completely notice a few.
54:23: Originally he said that he wasn't there,
54:24: that he didn't know anything about Scott Sessions.
54:27: And then he says, I was in the scene, and I started to try healing.
54:31: Can you trust him?
54:33: Where was a big mess up?
54:35: I said if you guys just can't stir anything good,
54:37: they'll build a find it for sure.
54:40: Many hours into this back and forth.
54:43: Kick your head up, and breathe, okay?
54:45: The one word that changes everything, blood.
54:49: It had to be something like this serious for that of a f***ing blood.
54:53: So there was a water blood there.
54:54: Where was the blood at?
54:57: It's f***ing blood.
54:58: It's f***ing blood.
55:01: What Kevin Eastman is saying inside the interrogation room
55:05: is shocking enough, but outside the room, another bombshell.
55:11: According to the investigators, there
55:13: was personal items half burnt in the pit, something that was...
55:17: Hethers.
55:30: As Kevin Eastman continues to bend, but not break in his interrogation...
55:36: I don't know, man. This is just crazy.
55:40: Investigators are still hunting for Heather Frank.
55:42: They don't know where she is,
55:44: but they do know where she is not, and that's her apartment.
55:49: So they get a warrant to search her property.
55:56: Our job is solving puzzles using physical evidence.
56:00: In the living room of the residence,
56:03: there were some shopping bags near the sofa, which contained some paper towels,
56:08: some cleaning products, and the box for a cell phone.
56:13: I did observe a black commercial style rug in the entryway,
56:18: and that did appear odd and out of place.
56:21: Underneath that black commercial rug,
56:23: I did see a large reddish brown stain
56:27: that was consistent with the appearance of a blood stain.
56:30: It did look like the blood stains were trying to be hidden
56:34: from view of someone entering the apartment.
56:38: That blood, as well as other blood stains located
56:41: around that area of her living room were tested,
56:45: and those blood stains came back to Scott Sessions.
56:51: It's hard to hide blood when it's everywhere.
56:55: Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.
56:58: And at some point during this back and forth with Kevin, the interview changes drastically.
57:04: Yes, it does.
57:07: You can see in some of these clips
57:09: that Ryan had a cell phone out
57:10: he was getting text messages from other investigators
57:13: is to, hey, we found out this information.
57:16: So the first time you heard that Heather is dead
57:18: is from hearing Ryan talk about it to Katherine.
57:21: That is correct.
57:22: We found Heather.
57:24: And Heather is in the same condition as Skies.
57:27: It's time to start talking.
57:30: The information came in that Heather Frank
57:31: was found deceased at Troy Bonnell's property.
57:34: And it was like a baseball bat to my gut.
57:38: I was like, whoa.
57:39: And I was expecting something, but I wasn't expecting that.
57:45: And that makes the actions or the inaction of investigators
57:48: somewhat controversial when it comes to that video of Heather Frank leaving her apartment.
57:53: At the time, its surfaces and investigators are still piecing things together,
57:57: trying to determine what is going on.
58:00: So they do not move in for an arrest.
58:06: How did you feel when you saw it?
58:08: To this day, I'm still conflicted.
58:10: You're watching somebody drive away to their death.
58:17: Could we have changed it or done anything differently?
58:20: I don't think so.
58:22: This is a very unfortunate sad story,
58:25: and I feel horrible for her kids,
58:28: the fact that this happened to Heather.
58:31: The unfortunate thing is that
58:33: decisions that she made played into the situation and how it unfolded. and she didn't deserve to die.
58:42: It's a very powerful image that you're seeing right now.
58:47: It was just so shocking because I was like, what?
58:51: And I was just so confused.
58:54: At first, she's wanted on murder and then she ends up dead.
58:58: Heather Frank had been shocked to death.
59:00: In autopsy, would later conclude,
59:02: she was killed at close range with her body, pressed up against a hard surface.
59:09: I got a phone call from my boss telling me that they needed help at the scene.
59:15: At that point, they had found a body on that property.
59:20: She had been wrapped up in plastic, she had belling wire around her.
59:25: Her body was found and it was near the fire pit.
59:28: And he had placed her underneath a piece of wood that looked like a big door
59:32: With the body being wrapped up, it made it even more suspicious.
59:37: And the fact that it was wrapped in plastic made it pretty comparable to the first murder that was involved in this case.
59:44: And that was that of Scott Sessions.
59:47: Happy New Year, Alma!
59:53: I assisted in the delivery of the notice for Heather's boys.
59:58: They were all living together and we all went with the corner's office to deliver that crushing news.
01:00:06: It was the morning of February 16th.
01:00:09: The detectives came to the house and they told us that they had found my mom.
01:00:17: I answered the phone. I said Alex, are you okay?
01:00:20: He said yeah, I'm okay, but mom's not.
01:00:24: And I just started bawling.
01:00:25: I said, please tell me she's still alive.
01:00:28: And he said, I wish I could or something like that.
01:00:33: He says, it's so bad.
01:00:39: Now, there are also some questions for the man
01:00:41: who owns this property where Heather Frank's body was found
01:00:46: and where Kevin Eastman was seen just hours earlier.
01:00:50: So, Troy Banelle is brought in for questioning.
01:00:53: that they found a body out on your property.
01:00:56: They believe it's a female, so obviously you know what we're thinking.
01:01:00: It's Heather.
01:01:03: She's a Christ.
01:01:09: I got nothing to do with this.
01:01:11: But Nell says he was sleeping.
01:01:13: At the time, Eastman was at the burn pit.
01:01:15: Had no idea what he was doing on his property.
01:01:18: but investigators cannot take banel at his word,
01:01:22: especially after they learn about a missing gun from his garage.
01:01:26: A 22 caliber.
01:01:29: Well, they're saying that she was shot by a small caliber pistol.
01:01:34: And that's what I had.
01:01:36: He's admitting that there's a gun on the tool chest, and we're searching the property.
01:01:42: We served a search warrant in his house and we're not finding this gun.
01:01:46: Where is this gun?
01:01:47: But now also acknowledges Heather didn't care for him.
01:01:50: She didn't like me for whatever reason.
01:01:53: I think it's because I kind of have some words with Kevin.
01:01:58: You know.
01:02:00: Back in his interrogation room,
01:02:02: Kevin Eastman is