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00:03: I'm Georgia Howe with Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief John Bickley.
00:07: It's Wednesday, August 9, and this is your morning wire afternoon update.
00:12: The Hawaiian island of Maui became engulfed in flames this morning, threatening its residents.
00:18: The fire is so widespread that at least a dozen people jumped into the ocean to escape
00:22: the blaze while those individuals were rescued by the Coast Guard authorities continue to monitor the waters for more.
00:29: Hurricane 4A off the coast of Maui whipped up 80 mile per hour winds which caused widespread damage adding to the chaotic scene.
00:36: A local businessman recounted the harrowing scene to CBS.
00:40: The buildings were completely engulfed and I have another picture where you see the
00:44: sign just suddenly burst into flames and the fire just shoots out.
00:48: There were no fire trucks at that point.
00:50: I think the fire department was already overwhelmed with other fires.
00:54: The storm has knocked down power lines, hamstringing communications and even blocking emergency
00:58: phones in some parts of the island.
01:01: Newly released court documents revealed that special counsel Jack Smith obtained and
01:06: executed a search warrant on former President Trump's Twitter account this past spring.
01:11: The social media company initially held off on complying with that order and was held in contempt and fined $350,000.
01:19: Ultimately, Twitter, now called X, yielded to the government, though it's not clear
01:24: what the DOJ accessed on Trump's account.
01:27: Ohio voters said no to a proposal backed by conservatives and pro-life organizations seeking
01:33: to make it harder to amend the state's constitution.
01:36: Here with more as daily wire reporter, sexual.
01:39: More than three million voters in the Red State cast a ballot Tuesday and 57 percent of
01:43: them rejected the GOP-backed issue one, which sought to raise the standards for passing
01:48: a constitutional amendment from a simple majority to a 60 percent supermajority.
01:52: The proposal, while not specifically mentioning abortion, was strongly opposed by pro-abortion
01:57: activists, seeking to give women more abortion access after the state passed a heartbeat
02:01: bill last year. Liz Walters, Ohio's Democratic Party chair, said she's proud of Ohio voters.
02:07: We will not go back and we will not give up our power.
02:11: Meanwhile, Mike Gannadakis, president of Ohio Right to Life, told CNN the fight isn't over.
02:16: You know, we've been laser-focused on November since January. This was just step one in the
02:20: process and we'll be ready to go come November. Ohioans will vote on a citizen initiative in November,
02:25: seeking to enshrine abortion in the state's constitution.
02:29: Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Wednesday morning that he has suspended
02:34: Monique Whirl, state attorney for the 9th Judicial Circuit for dereliction of duty and incompetence.
02:40: I'm appointing Judge Andrew Bain to take over a state attorney for the 9th Judicial Circuit.
02:47: Prosecutors do have a certain amount of discretion about which cases to bring and which not,
02:54: But what this state attorney has done is abuse that discretion and is effectively nullified certain laws in the state of Florida.
03:03: The move by DeSantis comes almost exactly one year after he removed another sorrows backed prosecutor, state attorney Andrew Warren of the 13th Judicial Circuit.
03:13: Here's world's response.
03:15: There used to be a very high standard for the removal of elected officials.
03:21: But under this tyranny, elected officials can be removed simply for political purposes.
03:28: The suspension comes after a man who was arrested on charges of sexual battery and lascivious
03:33: molestation of a minor was let go unveil.
03:36: The man later went on to shoot two police officers.
03:40: at Minority Leader Mitch McConnell cautioned against the regular use of the impeachment
03:45: process as House Republicans float an impeachment inquiry against President Biden.
03:49: Here with Morris, Daily Wire, senior editor, Kavith Phillips.
03:52: The Republican lawmaker was quoted in a New York Times report Tuesday that explores how
03:56: impeachment and censures have become the, quote, norm in Congress.
04:00: Quote impeachment ought to be rare, McConnell said.
04:02: This is not good for the country.
04:04: The GOP led House may be headed towards initiating an impeachment inquiry against Biden, possibly
04:08: early as the fall, spurred by allegations of bribery and corruption, including millions
04:12: of dollars in payments from foreign nationals to Biden family members and business associates.
04:18: California U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein's office announced Wednesday that the 90-year-old
04:23: lawmaker was briefly hospitalized Tuesday after suffering a minor fall in her home.
04:28: Feinstein's office said she was in the hospital for less than two hours, passed all her scans and is okay.
04:35: incident comes as the oldest living senator faces calls to resign.
04:40: And an American nurse who along with her daughter was kidnapped in Haiti were freed today almost two weeks later.
04:47: Christian aid group El Roy Haiti confirmed an statement that nurse Alex Durseyanville and her daughter were safely released.
04:54: No other details were immediately available, including whether any ransom was paid.
04:59: The organization told the AP that it would comment on the situation soon and asked for patience as the community processes and heals.
05:07: Those of your drive home updates this afternoon.
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