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00:03: I'm Daily Wire Editor and Chief John Vickley with Georgia Howits Thursday, August 10th,
00:07: and this is your Morning Wire afternoon update.
00:11: Representative James Comer told Fox's Maria Bartoromo that he will be subpoenaing Joe
00:16: and Hunter Biden to testify about their alleged scheme to sell Biden influence.
00:21: The announcement comes one day after the House Oversight Committee released a bombshell report
00:25: detailing evidence that the Biden family received at least 20 million from foreign countries including Russia.
00:32: Comer says this was always going to end with the Biden's coming before the committee.
00:36: We are going to subpoena the family.
00:38: I mean, we're putting the case together to win in court.
00:41: We've shown the bank records.
00:43: If I had subpoenaed Joe and Hunter Biden the first day I became chairman of the committee,
00:47: it would have been tied up in court and the judge would have eventually thrown it out
00:51: because at that time the narrative was, well, they never took anybody while he was by
00:55: 5 Americans in prison in Iran have been moved from a notorious prison in the country
01:00: into house arrest as part of a planned swap between Tehran and Washington.
01:06: According to one of the prisoners' lawyers, the deal will include the release of roughly
01:10: $6 billion in Iranian government assets that were held up by U.S. sanctions.
01:15: If the proposed agreement goes through, it will need to abide by existing sanctions that
01:19: only allow Iran to use the money to buy food, medicine, or for other humanitarian purposes.
01:27: Special counsel Jack Smith proposed a January 2nd start date today for former President
01:32: Donald Trump's trial regarding his alleged effort to overturn the results of the 2020
01:36: election. Smith's office has estimated that its case would take no longer than four to six weeks to present to jurors.
01:44: wing Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was assassinated by drug traffickers on Wednesday night.
02:04: President Guillermo Losso said he was outraged and shocked by the murder.
02:08: He said that those behind the assassination would not go unpunished.
02:12: Philippa Senseiou, a former journalist, had been highly vocal about the ties between organized crime and government officials in the South American nation.
02:21: Thousands of people have been displaced and at least three dozen people are dead after wildfires ravaged the Hawaiian island of Maui and overwhelmed firefighters.
02:30: Here at the latest is Daily Wire reporter Zack Joule.
02:34: The blazes erupted on Tuesday and continued to wreak havoc on the community on the western part of the island while flames raged in other areas.
02:41: The fires have already engulfed thousands of acres and have killed at least 36 people.
02:46: The cause of the fires is still unknown, and President Joe Biden has declared a FEMA disaster.
02:51: And Virgin Galactics, first commercial space flight, took off successfully from New Mexico
02:56: today and carried three passengers to the edge of the cosmos.
03:00: Among the passengers was a mother and her daughter who won their seats in a drawing at a fundraiser event.
03:06: The historic flight took off from Virgin Galactic's Space Port where the passengers boarded VSS
03:11: Unity as it sat attached beneath the wing of a massive mothership, like an airplane the
03:17: mothership sped down a runway before lifting off.
03:20: Once above 40,000 feet, the spaceship detached and continued its ascent to more than 50 miles above Earth's surface.
03:28: Those are your dry poem updates this afternoon.
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03:38: Good morning.