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00:03: I'm Daily Wire, Editor-in-Chief John Bickley with Georgia Howits Tuesday, August 8th, and
00:07: this is your Morning Wire afternoon update.
00:10: On Monday, Judge Eileen Cannon, the federal judge overseeing special counsel Jack Smith's
00:16: documents case, demanded a legal explanation for why the DOJ used, quote, out-of-district grand jury proceeding.
00:24: Daily Wire reporter Zach Jewel has more.
00:27: The questioning came as canon responded to the DOJ's request for a hearing to address
00:31: possible conflicts of interest with Stanley Woodward.
00:34: Woodward is the lawyer representing Trump-Fellet, Walt Naughte, but he has also previously
00:39: represented people the government may call to testify.
00:42: canon said the DOJ needs to explain the reason for using an out-of-district grand jury
00:46: proceeding to continue to investigate and or to seek post-enditement hearings on matters
00:51: related to the instant and dited matter in this district.
00:56: have surfaced of several suspected cartel gunmen crossing the southern border into Texas while wearing body armor and carrying rifles.
01:04: Daily Wire reporter Tim Pierce has more.
01:07: Law enforcement sources tell Fox News that three men were spotted on Saturday by camera
01:12: in the area of front in Texas.
01:13: When the border patrols and agents to the area, they found nothing.
01:17: Law enforcement arrested at five suspected members of the Northeast Cartel at the same location back in June.
01:22: This latest incident comes soon after the Lone Star State's Department of Public Safety
01:26: spotted an armed smuggler in Eagle Pass via drone, carrying a long gun and guiding a group
01:31: of illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande.
01:35: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' 2024 presidential campaign Shake Up continues.
01:40: On Monday, he replaced his campaign manager, Janera Peck, with his current Chief of Staff
01:44: James Udmeyer.
01:46: The campaign said in a statement that Udmeyer has, quote, been one of Governor DeSantis'
01:50: top advisors for years, and he is needed where it matters most.
01:54: The change comes as DeSantis has continued to struggle to gain traction against President
01:58: Trump in the polls.
02:00: The Florida governor has defended his campaign in recent days.
02:03: So if I had a nickel for every naysay I've had in my life, I'd be a very, very wealthy man.
02:09: I would much rather be underestimated.
02:12: When they underestimate you, that's when we're able to strike.
02:16: A powerful storm that battered the eastern part of the U.S. on Monday has left two people
02:21: dead and more than 1.1 million without power.
02:25: One of the victims was a South Carolina teenager who was killed by a tree falling on him as
02:29: he stepped out of his car, while another was a 28-year-old Alabama man who was struck by lightning.
02:36: Due to the storm, tornado watches and warnings were posted across 10 states from Tennessee
02:40: to New York at one point on Monday afternoon.
02:43: Here's a Philadelphia mother and sons reaction to the storms courtesy of CBS News.
02:48: The house was shaking and it was just, it was horrible. It was really scary.
02:53: Things were fine. Rain, you could barely see.
02:57: A 17-year-old boy who reportedly is the cousin of the Uvalde, Texas, teenage school shooter,
03:03: who murdered 19 students and two teachers at Rob Elementary in May, 2022,
03:08: was arrested in San Antonio after his mother reported he was planning to do the same and shoot up
03:14: in elementary school. Court documents state that the mother said her son was on probation and was
03:19: intoxicated when he issued the threats and she overheard him on the phone trying to buy an AR-15
03:25: illegally. The cousin was booked into the Bayer County jail on Monday afternoon.
03:31: More than 10,000 city workers, picketed in Los Angeles this morning after promising to walk
03:37: off their jobs over unfair labor contracts. The workers included a range of
03:42: occupations including sanitation and airport workers. The Union said its
03:46: members voted to authorize the walkout because the city has failed to bargain
03:50: in good faith and also has engaged in labor practices that restricted employee
03:54: and union rights. Here's what union members told KTLA.
03:58: Well we're saying the message to the city hall that we deserve a fair contract respect proper bargaining.
04:04: The city did not come in bargaining good faith.
04:06: What I mean by that is they didn't come ready to address the issues.
04:10: And so we're going back to the bargaining table on Monday and we're sending them a message
04:14: that they need to take this seriously.
04:16: LA Mayor Karen Bass said the following in a statement, quote,
04:20: they deserve fair contracts and we have been bargaining in good faith with S E I U 721 since January.
04:27: The city will always be available to make progress 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
04:33: Voters in Ohio are heading to cast their ballots today on Ohio issue one.
04:38: That's a referendum backed by Republicans, which would require any proposed amendment
04:42: to the Constitution of the state to get 60% of the vote on the proposed amendment.
04:48: That's a change from the traditional simple majority needed for approval now.
04:52: If the amendment passes, it would tie Ohio with Florida
04:55: as the state with the highest voter approval requirement to pass citizen initiated constitutional amendments.
05:03: And New York City experienced its first shark attack in 65 years after a 65-year-old woman was
05:10: bitten in the leg on Monday at Rockaway City Beach. The shark attacked at the light part
05:15: 158. The first human notified police officers rushed to save her by applying a to her significant injuries.
05:24: First responders were able to transport her to a nearby hospital.
05:27: She's now reportedly in serious but stable condition.
05:31: Witnesses say it was shocking.
05:33: Everybody was leaving the beach and they were just like just don't get in the water.
05:36: I was like what happened?
05:39: Somebody got bit by a shot.
05:42: All right, there's your drive home updates this afternoon.
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