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00:36: Dan Bonjino.
00:39: Welcome to the Bonjino brief from Dan Bonjino.
00:42: Had to let the Bonjino rule submit,
00:44: and you could see receipts first of all.
00:46: I'm not gonna get caught up in any of this stuff.
00:48: Here's the problem we had last time.
00:50: In the 2020 election, we got lost in a lot of stuff.
00:55: A lot of people I trusted took us off of known established pit,
01:00: I'm saying this wrong.
01:01: This is where you need to interrupt and say, get to the point.
01:05: A lot of people, us in 2020, it's the simplest way to say,
01:11: oh, I got this, I got that, I got a guy telling me about this and that.
01:15: And you know what happened?
01:17: The Pennsylvania case, which was absolutely a spot on case
01:21: of what happened with mail-in voter fraud
01:24: and unconstitutional changes in the rules got lost because then we couldn't focus.
01:30: The press coverage of the Hunter Biden thing got lost
01:33: and also what got lost is the fact
01:35: that mail-in voting in general is extremely prone to fraud and failure.
01:42: And instead of looking at the big picture, now it's not your fault folks,
01:46: I'm not blaming anyone in particular, but people I trusted too,
01:50: They tried to take us down these paths and it's screwed up everything.
01:57: And it was, yeah, some of them did it on purpose.
02:01: I don't know if they wanted media hits or what they wanted, but they screwed up everything
02:06: because there is zero doubt in my mind that there was a large degree of fraud built into
02:13: the mail-in system because it was the first time we did it on a scale like that because
02:19: of COVID, there is zero doubt in my mind. Now we're starting to see some stuff go down.
02:26: The major story out of Michigan about the 2020 election. I had to let it simmer a little
02:31: bit until the receipts pop. Here's some election reporting from this thing called this
02:37: entity called Black pack. They paid this LLC, GBI strategies, $11.2 million in 2020,
02:46: That tip can echo, by the way, for the highlights on this.
02:50: We did some homework on this too.
02:52: Payed $11.2 million in 2020 to go out and register voters.
02:57: By the way, another 450K was kicked in by Biden for president.
03:02: This is an enormous amount of money.
03:05: Folks, presidential, Senate, congressional, I don't care what you're running it.
03:12: $11.2 million to register voters is a ridiculous amount of money. Now, we have the public reporting.
03:21: So to be clear, this is not a rabbit hole. There's no dispute. The money changed hands.
03:27: Now Gateway Pundit broke this story. Had tipped to them. This is from today, but they broke it
03:33: yesterday. This is just a follow up. So apparently in October of 2020, only a month before the
03:41: the 2020 general election. This is the, if you want to, by the way, if you want to read
03:44: this whole story, it's in my newsletter, bunchyno.com slash newsletter, or you can just go
03:48: right to Gateway Pundit. I don't need to click the newsletter. It's right there for you.
03:52: It's free to sign up. But they know October of 2020, only a month before the election,
03:57: Muskegon, Michigan, city clerk and Mish noticed the black female whose name was later
04:02: redacted from the police report dropping off between eight to 10,000 completed voter registration applications at the city clerk's office.
04:12: She was really busy.
04:15: Clark and mice immediately noticed the stacks of registrations included the same handwriting, nonexistent addresses and incorrect phone numbers.
04:23: Again, none of these facts are in dispute.
04:26: I don't know about you folks.
04:28: Put a yes in the chat if you think this is kind of kind of little fishy and strange.
04:33: Put a no if you think this is perfectly okay.
04:35: eight to 10,000 voter registration forms, same handwriting, non-existent adria.
04:41: Okay, I think it's unanimous.
04:45: Sound strange to you?
04:48: Put up the next one.
04:50: This is the next screenshot from there.
04:52: Here's where the story gets even weirder.
04:55: But this is why I get so mad at some of the stuff that happened in 2020, because I believe
05:00: what happened was standard old school voter front. Request the ballot on your behalf
05:08: for someone else's intercept them in the mail and then send them back. It wasn't complicated.
05:15: Everybody was the crackin. What you didn't need any of that. None of this was complicated.
05:22: More in a minute, but first the Derbond Accords, they get him back to US dollar's global dominance
05:26: the past 80 years. It's been reported that on August 22nd, Brazil, Russia, India, China,
05:32: and South Africa may announce the launch of a new international super currency fully
05:35: backed by gold or other commodity. It's believed part of their long-term plan is to supplant
05:40: the US and the dollar as the cornerstones of the global financial system. How can you protect
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06:13: August 22nd.
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06:28: Good company.
06:29: You're some twice.
06:31: Here's part two to this.
06:32: A Michigan State Center, Ruth Johnson, who herself is a former secretary of state.
06:37: So she knows a little bit about this, told Gayway, my estimate is over 800,000 ballot applications
06:43: were sent to non-qualified voters in Michigan, including many individuals who moved their
06:47: died, or even some who were underage their non-citizens.
06:51: percent of people who moved out of the state. Now, dude, please, please, God, I'm not using
06:58: his name and vein. Do not make the same mistake. We can't assume all 800,000 or bad. You can
07:06: assume, however, based on the New York Times is own reporting that when you get mail-in
07:11: balloting in mass like this, that you're going to get double the redirection rate and
07:16: double the front. The New York Times, you said that wrong, Dan. No, no, I didn't say that
07:20: wrong? The New York Times reported on voter fraud in the past in mail and error rates.
07:28: Here's the article right here. Go to the newsletter today, Bungie.no.com slash newsletter.
07:33: Sign up. It is right there. It says, remember when the New York Times cared about voter
07:38: fraud, print this article and highlight it. Listen to me, what I just said, print it and
07:42: highlight it. So when your friends tell you that the biggest mass mail and balloting experiment
07:48: human history in 2020. That happened because of COVID that it was the safest in American history.
07:53: Ask why 10 years ago the New York Times said, mail in fraud was no good.
07:57: Mail in by voting was no good because of fraud. Ask and show it to them. Show them the article.
08:01: Here it's called error and fraud at issue is absentee voting rises. Adam Liptack, October 6, 2012.
08:08: Print this freaking article. It is gold. Why was the New York Times writing about voter fraud by
08:14: by mail and voting keep that up because this is when Republicans were doing it more in Florida.
08:20: Senior citizens and military folks. So when Republicans were voting by mail, the New York
08:24: Times is very concerned when it's mass mail and balloting and you can send out 800,000
08:29: in Michigan and who the hell knows what comes back. It's great.
08:34: Let me read this to you slowly and digest every single bit of it. Again, New York Times
08:40: baby 2012. Yes, votes cast by mail are less likely to be counted, more likely to be compromised,
08:48: and more likely to be contested than those cast in a voting booth statistics show.
08:53: Election officials reject almost 2% of ballots cast by mail, double the rate for in-person voting.
09:00: Quote, the more people you force to vote by mail, this election official said,
09:05: the more invalid ballots you will generate.
09:09: We'll look at here in New York Times reporting on voter fraud back in 2012 and
09:15: we're reporting Republicans were voting by mail. Now they want to tell you mass mail
09:20: in balloting with no experience doing it at all. States just mass mailout that mid-sent
09:26: ballots to anyone who would would a pulse and some not with one. Perfectly okay.
09:30: Okay.
09:32: I don't accept any of that, and you shouldn't either.