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00:14: God bless hockey billy do God bless hockey Roy Bellamy. God bless hockey gentlemen. Yeah Roy is
00:24: he's lashing out, he's screaming at us, like we did something to him.
00:28: He's complaining that he's getting old, he pulled out his back.
00:32: Like why are you yelling at me and Billy?
00:33: What's going on with you Roy?
00:35: Well first of all, you idiots picked a great day to tell me to stay home and work from home.
00:39: Because you guys had Anthony declare on the show.
00:42: Right. I wasn't able to talk to him.
00:44: See if you guys had a good time in that studio.
00:46: Okay, this is gonna air Friday. That was Wednesday.
00:48: But Roy, like you're acting, you're acting like I schedule things.
00:52: They tell me to take off on Thursday.
00:54: You make it seem like Billy Gill decided to tell Roy to not come here.
00:57: I have nothing to do.
00:58: I looked around and I said, where's Roy today?
01:00: I don't know, did you?
01:01: You didn't?
01:02: Roy, Roy.
01:03: I said, I looked at it.
01:04: I looked at where it's Roy today.
01:05: I said the same thing.
01:06: Roy, have you noticed that me and Billy have no clout over there?
01:09: Like, by the way, we don't need to go down this path.
01:12: I have, I feel bad.
01:14: I, I, um, and I didn't tell you this two guys,
01:17: and I don't think I told Roy this.
01:19: but I texted Juju and Tony during game,
01:24: what was I think game four when the panthers swept
01:27: and I was like, we should be game four.
01:30: We should do God bless hockey.
01:32: And I told, and I planned on doing it with them.
01:34: I was like, it'd be great if the three of us did God bless hockey.
01:37: And now we're actually doing it
01:38: and I didn't tell them because I didn't think
01:41: that we were actually gonna be doing this.
01:43: So I have to apologize to them for doing this without them.
01:47: I don't think they'll be too hurt though.
01:48: We're gonna have Kenny Albert on.
01:50: He is the voice of hockey.
01:52: He took over for Doc Emmerick.
01:55: He is the voice of hockey.
01:56: He'll be calling all the Stanley Cup games on TNT.
01:59: Roy's very excited for this.
02:01: I have told Dan several times, the only person on our show
02:05: that should have an open microphone to be allowed
02:07: to talk about hockey because he's the only one who cares.
02:10: He's the only one who has followed this team over the years.
02:13: And he's the only one who really truly knows
02:15: the sport and cares about the sport is not you Billy.
02:18: Roy. Okay. Roy cares it away. We have all hopped on the bedwagon. Roy goes to game 32
02:27: where there are 20 games under 500 and have no shot of accomplishing anything. That's where Roy is.
02:33: And so Roy, put us like, what are you feeling here a couple of days out from your second Stanley cup
02:39: as a Panther fan? We have one in 97. They lost and now we are back again in 2023. You thought it
02:46: it would be last year. Nope. It's this year. So what do you think, and Roy, you're excited
02:51: a couple of days out here? Oh, I absolutely am. And I think these guys got it. Wow.
02:57: I got them winning in six games in this series. So I think they have it this year.
03:02: Hmm. Why are you doubting that, Billy? I have them winning in five. Okay. All right.
03:07: Four. I think we won. I got them winning in three. What? Look who just made the periods.
03:15: I think Roy wants him to win in six so that he could see the clinching game.
03:22: I think I'm going to game five.
03:24: Oh, I'm going to game five.
03:26: Roy's going, listen, if this thing won 700 games, Roy would be at all 700 of them.
03:31: Is that fair?
03:32: On Middle-Walk's dime.
03:35: Roy, do us a favor, explain to people who don't follow hockey.
03:38: You're not one of them, but we are the most of the audience.
03:41: From my key A.
03:41: for Mike. Yeah, do it for Mike. Yeah, right. Exactly. Because the Panthers won the president's cup,
03:48: which is really a person of the skies, right? Exactly. And then they lost like most teams who
03:54: win the president's cup like the Bruins did this year for the Panthers. But the Panthers went out
03:59: after having the most points in the NHL and they made a huge trade for Matthew Cuchuck. So
04:06: just talk about the scene a little bit Roy, like get people prepared for what they're about to see
04:10: because I was talking with a name drop.
04:12: I wish we had the look at the Louis.
04:14: I was talking to Tony Amante over the weekend.
04:16: Oh wow.
04:17: And he told me he could choke is the best in the game right now.
04:19: So go ahead, bro.
04:21: Talk about your team.
04:22: Well, the last month of the season,
04:24: the Panthers were basically out of the playoffs.
04:26: In fact, kind of written them from dead after the Ottawa game.
04:32: Like, oh, they lost the out, like they are like four points out with this many games left.
04:37: I might as well be be over, but during the Toronto game, we noticed on the in the bench,
04:43: that palm trees pitched the fit like he was angry and that seemed to have been the line of
04:49: demarcation in the season and where the panties actually made the playoffs. It was that instance.
04:55: It was then put in Alex Lyon and and net instead of Sergey Burbowski and they made the playoffs
05:02: You're like almost miracle. It took the Pittsburgh penguins to lose to the Chicago Black
05:07: Ox, the worst seem to lead for the Panthers to clinch the playoffs. But so they get in
05:12: the playoffs. Who did they face? The greatest regular season team in any
05:17: child history, the Boston bronze. They come back from a three one series deficit,
05:22: the win game seven. Miracle basically, Matt Ducoch, like he used all over the place in
05:29: that game called over Hage saved them the overtime is crazy. And then they go on the Toronto
05:33: they beat them in five games and basically got the GM fired because of it. So they move
05:40: on they sweep Carl Carolina, which was the toughest matchup for the Panthers and somehow they
05:47: got past Carolina now. Even though their coach maintains it wasn't a sweep, which was, I mean,
05:52: it was a sweep. I don't know what right Brinnell Moore saying. But yeah, it was Matthew
05:56: you could chuck it so you could browse key those are the two catalysts for where the
06:00: pandas are right now in the postseason.
06:03: And how about their matchup with Vegas and Vegas is a very good team right in
06:07: fact I would say that no team has ever really started this like how long have
06:12: they been in existence like five years of what a great start they've had.
06:16: But how do they match up with the with the Vegas night?
06:18: It's basically going to be kind of like the Carolina series like it's going to
06:22: be the sweet toughest match of they pan. Of course, the panthers ended up sweeping them,
06:28: but again, I think the pan is going to win in six. Okay. I have a question, Roy. Are the
06:34: Vegas golden night to they one of your team? Cause you have a couple hockey teams or you
06:38: have historically had a couple hockey teams? Well, Vegas ended up being one of my hockey
06:44: teams for a couple of seasons because of Jim Fervola, because we know Jimmy Frieda
06:49: two guys. So he's a friend and he was in the front office there. So that really my team
06:55: anymore. But it's it was Chicago. Then it was Buffalo. Then it was Florida because I started
07:02: watching in 1992 black house went to the cup final and then I started rooting for the
07:08: Sabers. And now I'm a paintless fan because that's my home team. So that's what we are right
07:11: now. I feel like it could have been a win-win for you though. You know what I mean? If
07:14: He's still rooted for the Knights.
07:16: No, it's all Panthers right now, Billy.
07:20: Roy, I'm sure you've heard the saying,
07:22: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
07:23: And as a New York sports fan,
07:25: all the teams I hate are from Boston.
07:28: Yeah.
07:29: So first I want to say thank you to you for not only
07:32: what the Panthers done, but also the heat.
07:34: And I'm just wondering, do you have any sense of pride in particularly beating that Boston team
07:40: or beating the Celtics even from the heat?
07:44: I have pride in the Panthers being the bronze because,
07:47: again, the greatest regular season team in initial history, they defeated a giant.
07:54: So I have much, much pride in them.
07:56: And I hate the Celtics.
07:58: So does that too?
08:01: Roy, do you feel like the Panthers,
08:03: like are we gonna have a parade down sunrise Boulevard that runs around Pat Salerno Boulevard?
08:08: Pnes is the Admors Chevrolet, sawgrass Ford, a quarter-dack.
08:13: Like are we gonna have this?
08:14: Cause I'm not certain which parade I wanna see more.
08:18: One down the Vegas strip because it would be fun and one around sawgrass mills mall because it would be sad.
08:24: What do you think of here?
08:26: I think they're gonna be on boats, the guys.
08:29: A boat parade.
08:30: Yeah, it's gonna be on a boat.
08:31: So you know, goalie agreed to put us,
08:33: goalie the voice of the Panthers by the way.
08:36: Agreed to put us in that parade
08:37: as long as we can secure a bandwagon.
08:40: Okay.
08:40: All right, let's get on that.
08:42: Let's get the money to get and get this band ragging together.
08:44: But a bandwagon boat.
08:46: A bandwagon boat.
08:47: Oh, okay.
08:48: If it's going to be a boat for right now, I mean, yeah.
08:51: Yeah.
08:51: Some ores and everything.
08:52: Yeah.
08:53: Roy, how long did you stay in the game after they made it to the Stanley Club?
08:57: Like I texted you probably an hour afterwards.
09:00: And I know no one else was there.
09:02: Certainly not Greg Cody.
09:03: And you, Roy, you were still in the press box.
09:07: What are you doing?
09:07: Get the hell out of there.
09:08: Go home.
09:09: No, I was there at 12th. and so was some other people.
09:12: I think Brooks Cup Cup was in his suite party and as well.
09:17: So there were people still in the arena, but yeah, I left at 12.30.
09:20: I was just basking in the grow and the glow,
09:23: looking at a very empty sheet of ice on the ground.
09:26: It was, I was asking David Dwork,
09:28: hey man, maybe we should go on the ice and just walk around.
09:32: He's like, no, no, we might get arrested.
09:34: Billy, I have an assignment for Roy,
09:36: if you agree with me, since he goes to all these games.
09:38: Pick up that name.
09:39: He just dropped with David Dwork.
09:40: Hockey news and pick up a new name, Brooks Keppka.
09:44: I want you to go knock on his suite, okay?
09:47: Really, if you want to be a part of God Bless hockey,
09:49: the Stanley Cup could go on for a month, okay?
09:52: I want you to try to get Brooks Keppka to join us
09:55: and be a co-host on God Bless hockey, okay?
09:56: I will try.
09:57: I will try during game three to see what happens.
10:00: We should take a quibbon and just rush up them with a mic.
10:04: Yeah.
10:05: Yeah, let's do that.
10:06: That won't get us in trouble.
10:09: You got credentials, let's do it.
10:11: I do and and to be honest with you, there's nothing more dangerous than someone who's not worried about losing those credentials.
10:18: Yeah, that right.
10:23: All right, let's get to, uh, let's get to Kenny Albert.
10:28: The voice of hockey, he'll be calling the, uh, the Stanley Cup for Turner sports.
10:33: And he's going to join us right now to break this whole thing. that.
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11:45: Hey guys.
11:46: How are you man?
11:47: It is just audio, right?
11:48: I didn't shave.
11:49: I don't work.
11:50: But none of us did either.
11:52: It does look like we shave playoff beard.
11:53: Yeah, exactly.
11:54: It's a playoff.
11:55: It's pretty good.
11:56: Perfect.
11:57: We were kind of making fun of you because you
11:59: gave me a landline to call you earlier.
12:02: You still have an AOL email address.
12:04: I'm not going to give it out, of course.
12:06: Um, like we were just marveling at how old you are.
12:10: You know,
12:11: I do have a cell phone.
12:12: I do have a cell phone, but oftentimes on radio shows and interviews,
12:16: a landline seems to work better, right?
12:18: I do have it while I'm old school.
12:20: I admit that.
12:21: Right. Uh, do you still have the paper thrown on your front door?
12:24: Like what's going on there?
12:26: It's funny.
12:27: You should say that I do, although I get the same papers that are thrown
12:31: at my front door on the iPad.
12:32: So I'm paying double, but I still like the feel of an actual lose paper occasionally.
12:38: Kenny, I will tell you that I'm the four of us in here, not including you, of course.
12:42: The only one who's really qualified to speak to you was Roy, okay, because he loves hockey in a way
12:47: that we don't. He follows the panthers in a way that we don't.
12:52: So, you know, apologies in advance for my questions.
12:57: A Roy will deliver.
12:58: I know you were an islander fan back in the day.
13:00: So back in the day.
13:01: Well, Billy doesn't, Billy doesn't really believe.
13:03: I don't think Billy believes that you and I knew each other growing up.
13:06: Now, Kenny was very good friends with my brother.
13:09: And Kenny would come over all the time.
13:10: My brother would go to Kenny's house, but I'm certain Billy doesn't believe that I hope Kenny at all.
13:17: I think the last time we saw each other, you were probably about eight years old.
13:20: Yeah.
13:21: That makes sense.
13:22: Yeah.
13:23: That makes sense.
13:24: Is that you guys knew each other and passing it a lot of different stage in your lives.
13:27: And then all of a sudden, here you are about to call the Stanley Cup final.
13:30: You guys like, Hey, why don't you do me a favor for old time, sake?
13:34: It's confirmed.
13:36: I was good friends with Eric, his brother from about third or fourth grade on, I guess.
13:42: Yeah.
13:43: And I was at their house all the time.
13:44: Harbor Acres, right?
13:46: Yeah.
13:46: Yeah.
13:47: I was at their house.
13:48: He was at my house really all the time between about fourth and 10th or 11th grade.
13:53: It's probably been a good 40 years since you thought about him.
13:56: him. I thought about it, but I haven't seen him. He was the little four or five six year
14:06: old running around the house. Well, okay, then let me ask you something because he was
14:09: being very fondly of something that he called the basement Olympics and said that you would
14:13: love to talk about this. Do you have any idea what he's talking about? Well, I'm pretty
14:18: sure it had to do with the Atari video games. Yeah. Back in the day. So I think we're about
14:24: four or five years apart, right? I'm 55. Yeah. Um, that was the big thing. You know, there were no
14:29: shooters. Not many video games. And then these Atari cartridges came out. And the other three of you
14:36: were probably too young to remember. But that was a huge deal. Um, you know, it was ping pong, tennis,
14:45: space invaders, Patrick, we all started with a Tari and we would all get together in the
14:50: the basement and play the entire video games as well as other sporting events that you be able to do inside.
14:58: We took it one step further, Billy.
14:59: We combined the video games with we had construction blocks, we had talking toys, we would do a high jump, a long jump.
15:08: I mean, it would ping pong.
15:10: It was a whole deal, you know, and Kenny always won.
15:12: He won a lot of gold medals.
15:13: You know, it was a lot simpler time, right?
15:16: Well, we weren't all staring at our cell phones or our computer screens back then.
15:20: back in the 70s. Yes, he is the voice of hockey. He is Ketty Albert. He'll be calling
15:26: the Stanley Cup, the Vegas Knights and the Florida Panthers for Turner Sports. Ketty,
15:33: if I told you when we were growing up, you would, you at one point in your life will be
15:38: calling a Stanley Cup that involved a team from Florida and a team for Las Vegas. We should
15:43: all apologize to Canada. You would have told me what?
15:47: Well, that's a good point. You know, back when we were growing up in the 70s, it was the Montreal
15:51: Canadians and the islanders and then the Edmonton Oilers in the early 80s. But first of all, if you
15:56: told me that I would be calling a Stanley Cup, I would have thought you were crazy. You know, we
16:00: were called the games in our heads in the driveway back then, whether it was Street Hockey, Rollerhockey,
16:05: basketball throwing around a football, but so fortunate to be involved. It's my second Stanley
16:11: cup on the TV side. I've worked eight others on the radio side, but it couldn't be more
16:16: excited and to have these two markets, Vegas and Florida, both remarkable stories. The
16:21: Vegas Gold and Knights are in their six season in the NHL and it's their second trip to
16:25: the Stanley Cup final. The Panthers obviously went through a long drought. They went to
16:30: the final in 96. Never want to play off series for another 25 years, but here they are.
16:36: They finished with the best record. The regular season last year lost in the second round
16:41: that now they've had a tremendous run through the playoffs after almost not making it.
16:45: The last week of the season, they were out of that eighth spot and they wind up getting
16:50: it to the playoffs down three one to Boston in the first round.
16:53: A Bruins team that set records for wins and points in the regular season and got past
16:58: Toronto and Carolina losing only one game in the last two rounds.
17:02: And here they are in the cup final against Vegas.
17:05: Kenny has a new book out, a mic for all seasons and we'll get to that.
17:10: just a second and promote that for you on the way out as well.
17:15: Listen, you are very deserving of what it is you do.
17:18: You should be the voice of hockey.
17:19: You love hockey.
17:20: You're great at your craft, but I would imagine,
17:23: and I can't imagine there's too much that intimidates you at this point,
17:27: but what was it like taking over for a legend?
17:30: The legend that is Doc Emrick, because he did it forever.
17:33: He did it as well as anyone.
17:35: You took it over last year.
17:37: Was that daunting to you?
17:38: Were you nervous doing that?
17:41: I wouldn't necessarily say nervous, but it's definitely a bigger stage calling the Cup
17:46: Final than regular season games or playoff games in the earlier rounds.
17:51: Doc Emmerick to me is one of the greatest of all time.
17:54: He's the Vince Scully of hockey.
17:56: That's how I refer him and I've known him for 30 or 35 years.
18:00: Not as long as I've known you, but pretty close.
18:03: And a big honor.
18:05: I took over called the 2021 Cup Final at NBC after Doc retired.
18:10: And now in year two, it's turned out we rotate the final with ESPN every year.
18:14: They had it last year.
18:15: We'll have it this year and again in two years.
18:18: So it's a big honor.
18:19: I've been real fortunate to call NFL playoff games
18:23: throughout my career, some NBA and MLB playoff games as well.
18:29: But to call the championship of any sport is really special.
18:34: there aren't many of us to get to do it.
18:35: So I couldn't be more excited and proud to work with the crew.
18:40: Eddie Allcheck and Keith Jones.
18:42: And then the great studio crew that will be traveling with us as well.
18:45: So can't wait to get started.
18:48: You know, Mike for all seasons,
18:49: a pretty good name for a book for a guy who did four sports in nine days.
18:54: Talk about that stretch.
18:56: I've had a couple of stretches like that, usually in October, when everything overlaps.
19:03: there were a couple of years where I had football games on weekends and baseball playoffs.
19:09: I did for a number of years and then NHL regular season and some NBA either free season or regular season.
19:16: There was one year, I think it was 2019.
19:18: I also called the boxing match.
19:19: So I think I had five sports within about 12 or 13 days of one another.
19:24: And to me, those are always the most exciting times when you're involved in so many different sports.
19:31: and as long as you're organized and get the work done and I tend to get more work done on planes and airports and hotel rooms anyway.
19:40: So not as big a deal when there's so many things going out at once, but I do.
19:45: Protocol that some of those situations in the book and Mike for all seasons, as you guys mentioned.
19:51: It was a project that I started during the pandemic when we all had a lot of time at home and.
19:56: My family had been bugging me, my wife and kids
19:58: to put my stories down on paper
20:00: because I often speak with high school and college broadcasting students, camps throughout the summer
20:06: and always wind up telling the same stories on radio shows and podcasts.
20:10: So to put it all down on paper,
20:13: wrote it myself, no Gums Rider wanted it to be my own word.
20:16: So it's a combination of stories about my early life growing up in Port Washington,
20:22: San's Point, New York, not too far from the Weiner family.
20:27: The early days broadcasting high school games along Allen in college at NYU.
20:32: And then my first job in minor league hockey with the Baltimore Skip Jax, where my road
20:37: roommate was our assistant coach Barry Trots, who's now the third one was coach in NHL
20:41: history to save money at the minor league level.
20:44: They had the radio guy room with the assistant coach.
20:46: And there's a great story in there about when Barry set up a prank.
20:50: I was arrested, a fake arrest up in up in Canada during a road trip.
20:55: So I chronicled out in the book.
20:57: One of my other favorites is in 2003, after game seven of the Yankees Red Sox
21:04: championship series, the Aaron Boone Home Run game.
21:07: I was the sideline reporter for Fox.
21:09: And it's about one of the morning game went late, extra innings.
21:13: Yankees Red Sox games always took a long time.
21:15: And I'm in the locker room during the ceremony interviewing Joe Tory and
21:18: Mariana Rivera and the trophy presentation.
21:23: I'm sort of emceeing it.
21:24: And I send it back up to the booth
21:26: and we're off the air at that point.
21:29: And to my left, I see out of the corner of my eye,
21:31: Mayor Bloomberg, the New York City Mayor at the time.
21:34: And his public relations person came over to me
21:36: and whispered, can you have the mayor on next?
21:39: And I said, well, we're off the air.
21:41: He says, can you fake it?
21:43: So, he didn't want to lose his job.
21:46: So we called up Mayor Bloomberg.
21:48: I told the camera person pretend like you're rolling on this and I did a five minute interview
21:52: with the mayor that never went anywhere.
21:56: So it's stories such as that some travel tales about crazy situations I've been in trying
22:02: to get from one city to another stories about the 250 or so color analysts I've worked
22:07: with in the various sports stories about memorable games.
22:11: I worked at 20 inning baseball game once on Fox, the Metz and the Cardinals.
22:15: I never went to the bathroom once in seven hours.
22:18: never left the to go to the bedroom. So just worked at four overtime game last week.
22:23: I did go a couple of times between parents.
22:27: But stories about memorable games. I worked the Jose
22:30: Bautista home run bat flip in the playoffs in 2015.
22:34: Some football playoff games
22:36: Olympics. So it was a lot of fun to put together and can't wait until it comes out this
22:41: September.
22:42: Does the mayor know that interview never aired?
22:45: I don't know, probably not.
22:47: follow-up story with the City Mayor six years later, Yankee's Angels, ALCS, New Yankee Stadium,
22:54: I'm doing the interviews and the producer is yelling in my ear, don't turn to your left,
22:59: don't ask the mayor a question. This time he came onto the podium, but it turns out it was
23:05: the election season and if we had interviewed him, we would have had to give equal time.
23:10: It was a bonus. So there are actually two stories involving Mayor Bloomberg. I'm not sure if
23:15: if you's aware of any of them, my full stories on some radio shows throughout the years.
23:20: So perhaps I'll hear about it once the book is published.
23:23: Had you done the first interview during election time, would you have had to do a fake interview with his opponent?
23:29: That's a good point.
23:30: They had to do a fake interview.
23:32: Actually, the second time when we didn't interview him, his office got, and I write about
23:36: this in the book, his office got upset because he was actually on TV standing there, and
23:41: never turned to him and they threatened to take away from Fox the special parking for their production
23:47: truck. Oh, no, when the, when the equal time was explained to them, they backed off.
23:55: You mentioned you did extra in the games and of course you did game one of a game Carolina
23:59: Florida, which went 140 hockey minutes there. Like how do you prepare for long games like that?
24:08: you really don't I mean when a game goes that long at that point I'm hoping it breaks a record right you
24:13: want to be part of history and only five games in the history of the sport had gone longer five games
24:18: had gone to a fifth overtime this one ended with what 12 seconds 13 seconds left in the fourth
24:23: overtime but it actually it doesn't seem like it's as long as it is while you're calling the game
24:28: for a couple of reasons number one you think it could end at any time right you're not expecting
24:32: it to go four over the times just like I wasn't expecting the baseball game to go 20 innings
24:37: the intermissions are a little shorter. They're 15 minutes during the overtime and there are no commercial breaks. Right. No TV time out. So it definitely goes quicker than the other periods. And if you remember Roy and that game, the Panthers actually scored a goal three minutes into the first overtime.
24:53: Yeah, it's overturned.
24:54: We're going to be in a fair and so we all thought it ended. Some of the fans started to leave the building, but they wanted to playing a total of almost four full overtime.
25:04: So, Kenny, that's interesting.
25:05: You're not rooting for the game to end
25:06: because you want to go home and get the hell out of there.
25:08: You're saying, hey, I've gone this far.
25:10: I might as well be a part of history.
25:12: Exactly.
25:13: Now, I can't say the same for my partners.
25:14: I think they wouldn't have been upset if the game had earlier.
25:17: I kept getting lost from any old check.
25:19: But I don't have that.
25:20: No, at that point, I think you want to be a part of history.
25:23: And I felt fine during the game.
25:24: I had the energy, didn't feel tired, or ended at 1.54 AM.
25:29: But the next day, when I woke up,
25:30: I felt like I was hit by a truck,
25:31: or it just got me off a red eye flight without sleep.
25:35: I was filling the effects for another couple of days,
25:37: so I don't have the players doing it.
25:38: Of the four major sports,
25:40: which one for you is the most difficult to call?
25:43: That's a question that I get all the time
25:45: and everyone is always surprised by the answer.
25:48: People always think hockey would be the most difficult
25:50: because of all the foreign names, European names,
25:54: and the fact that the players change on the fly,
25:56: they don't have to wait for a stoppage to make a line change.
25:59: To me, hockey is the easiest, maybe because I've done it for the longest 33 years.
26:05: It's like riding a bike.
26:06: I've had so many reps basketball, similar.
26:09: I do about 15 mixed games on TV every year with walk-life, rager.
26:13: It's not the same pace as hockey.
26:15: It's slower, but it's similar in that the balls in action for the entire 48 minutes.
26:21: The pucks in action for 60 minutes are calling the game, setting up your color analyst football,
26:26: which I've done now for 29 years is the most rhythmic.
26:30: one play and then it's 20 or 25 seconds. It's one play and then it's 20 or 25 seconds.
26:35: I set up the play, call the play, recap the play and then your color analyst comes in.
26:40: It was probably the most challenging when I worked in the three man situation with
26:44: Moose Johnston up in the booth and the great Tony Saragusa, the late great Tony Saragusa down
26:50: in the field because he was hundreds of feet away from us and it was amazing how little
26:57: and Tony or myself stepped on each other, talked over one another.
27:01: We all had a feel for it.
27:03: And one of us would stop talking
27:05: and then Tony would come in every couple of plays.
27:08: Baseball to me is the most challenging.
27:10: I've never done a team.
27:11: So I've only done about at most 15 to 20 baseball games a year with Fox.
27:16: To me, that's the most challenging
27:18: because you have so much downtime between pitches.
27:20: Not as much now because of the pitch clock.
27:22: So it's definitely different.
27:24: But you know, that's my long answer.
27:26: you know, that's my long answer to a short question.
27:28: It's different now, but has again easier with the pitch clock.
27:31: I've only done one game with the pitch clock because I've been focused solely on hockey.
27:37: It is probably easier from a broadcast standpoint.
27:41: And it does have a quicker pace with the pitch clock.
27:43: There's not as much time to fill in between pitches.
27:47: Kenny, what's the best piece of advice?
27:49: Obviously, your dad, legendary broadcaster, Marv Albert.
27:54: What's the best piece of advice your dad gave you as you were getting into this business?
27:59: You know, it was mostly from what I observed by Osmosis.
28:02: It wasn't anything he necessarily told me, but it was the preparation from a play by play standpoint.
28:07: That's the thing that I learned from him more than anything else was the amount of preparation that goes into it.
28:12: To me, it's work, but it's fun.
28:15: I'm sitting at my desk where I do a lot of my prep work when I'm home and what am I doing?
28:21: I'm watching sporting events.
28:22: about sporting events, some pouring through statistics and articles.
28:26: So it certainly beats, you know, doing something you hate for a living, right?
28:30: So preparation, organization, I learned the passion that he had for it.
28:36: And what I tell youngsters, high school and college students, is to get as much experience as possible.
28:42: A lot of schools, high schools colleges have some kind of broadcasting programs, radio,
28:47: television, a lot of the college conferences, the big tent network, the ACC network,
28:52: for example, let kids get involved, try and get internships.
28:56: And really, even if it's not the exact area, you're interested
28:59: in, get as much experience as possible.
29:01: There are so many jobs behind the scenes as well.
29:03: On a typical NFL game that I work on a Sunday, there are 75
29:07: to 100 people working on that broadcast from the producer, director, cameraman, camera women, graphics, replay, technicians.
29:15: There are so many different jobs available
29:17: aside from the people that you hear or see behind the microphone.
29:21: Let's talk about the Cup Final for a second because I think that the Panthers are
29:26: hidden into a series which could very well be similar to the series they had with the
29:30: Hurricanes.
29:31: I'm going to write about that.
29:33: Hi, great.
29:33: I think it's two evenly matched teams.
29:35: Even though they swept the Hurricanes, every game was one goal.
29:38: The first two went to overtime.
29:39: So it really could have gone either way.
29:42: You have players with cup experience on both sides.
29:46: Five members of the goal, the Knights of One, the Cup.
29:48: three members of the Panthers have won the cup.
29:51: You have coaches who have both been in the Stanley Cup final before, neither of them won, but they've both been there.
29:58: The gold tent is interesting.
29:59: You have the veteran and Sergei Buprovsky from the Panthers, 13 years in the league.
30:03: He's won the Vezonetrofe twice as the top gold tender in the NHL.
30:08: And you have sort of the unproven, younger Aiden Hill who kind of came out of nowhere.
30:12: He was not even the starter at the beginning of the playoffs, but he shut out the Dallas stars twice in the last round.
30:18: been outstanding. So an interesting contrast there amongst the goalies, but two pretty similar teams.
30:24: Do you think there's going to be any ranked rust for the Panthers with this long layoff?
30:28: You know, it's a good question, Roy. It could go either way. You know, either there's some rust
30:32: because they will not have played in nine or ten days or they could be well rested, right? Vegas
30:36: has played three games since the Florida Panthers played their last game.
30:41: Kenny, what impressed you? You spent a lot of time with the Panthers calling those games.
30:45: what was the thing that impressed you the most about their team?
30:49: You know, I think first of all, when you look at what Matthew
30:52: could chucked it, he's been a great player in the league. His dad was a great player, his brother.
30:56: So it's a terrific hockey family, but it's his first year playing in Florida,
31:01: six years in Calgary, late games playing in, you know,
31:06: obscurity if you want to use that word because the Calgary Flames aren't on national TV a lot.
31:11: the game's a late. It's not as much attention on them in the US. We all knew he was a great player,
31:16: but to see him in Florida and what he's done this year, especially in the last series against
31:20: Carolina scoring the two overtime goals and then the game winner in game four against the Hurricanes.
31:27: But I think from top to bottom, they're deep both up front and on defense. The defense
31:34: may are probably better than the summer of their parts or the summer of the parts. I guess
31:39: Yes, it's probably better than if you look at the six guys individually, but they've done a terrific job.
31:45: Aaron Eclaves, the only homegrown defenseman, the other five over here from elsewhere.
31:49: Their captain Alexander Barcock is an outstanding player on both ends, offensively and defensively.
31:55: They have Carter, Braheige scored over 40 goals and some big ones in the playoffs.
32:00: Sam Bennett, St. Ryan Hart, you know, players that do not have a lot of plan for experiments, but they've stepped it up during this postseason.
32:08: It seems like Paul Marise has taken a hands-off approach and is getting pretty relaxed
32:12: beyond a bench and it's pretty much showing that the players have accountability on the
32:16: ice that they can clean up their own mistakes and figure things out for themselves.
32:19: Am I right?
32:20: He really does seem relaxed, doesn't he?
32:22: Yeah.
32:22: Yeah, the guy that played a coach for a long time, he's sixth all time and wins in the NHL.
32:27: But when he wanted to put the screws to his club, he did.
32:29: We all saw the videos during the regular season on a couple of occasions when he really
32:33: gave it to them on the bench, but his style, his attitude seems to be working and Bruce
32:39: Kassidy on the other side, same thing.
32:42: A coach who reads the cup with Boston in 2019, lost in game seven on home ice, fired
32:47: after last season and he takes his new club all the way to the cup final.
32:51: Kenny, Brynemore, not calling that a sweep, refusing to call it a sweep.
32:55: Is that the most acid-nigh thing you've ever heard a coach say?
32:59: I mean, yeah, I understand what he was saying.
33:02: So every game was one goal.
33:05: So, you know, I guess if you're Rod Brenda Moore,
33:09: you want to defend your team in his mind
33:13: because it was such a close series,
33:14: every goal was a one goal game, but it wasn't sweet.
33:17: They did lose it for.
33:18: Right.
33:20: So what do you think,
33:21: you got game one coming up Saturday night on TNT?
33:24: I don't want to ask you for a prediction here because you're calling the game.
33:27: You got to remain neutral.
33:28: You got to remain biased.
33:29: but let me do it this way.
33:32: The Panthers will wouldn't the Stanley Cup if they do Blake.
33:37: If Babrovsky continues to deal with he's been doing to the last 12 games,
33:42: if he continues to stand on his head,
33:44: I think that would be the number one thing among others,
33:47: but if they continue to get the unbelievable goal-tending
33:50: from Babrovsky, I think they win the cup.
33:52: Kenny, do you have the most embarrassing moment on air?
33:55: Do you have one?
33:57: I'm. Nothing major there. A couple. I did get the hiccups on air one time. When I was
34:03: holding a rangers game on the radio and that's tough to you could do that during baseball
34:08: but hockey. Yeah. Fortunately, I was able to reach for the cough button. Um, no major mistakes
34:14: as far as I know it's live TV or live radio. So mistakes are going to happen, but, um,
34:21: you know, no major ones. I think they're they're in hockey and in particular, the playoffs.
34:26: you know, you you want to make sure you get all the goals right.
34:28: Obviously, and in hockey these days, there are so many deflections and tips in front of the net that sometimes it's hard to tell if it went off the player's stick or off a defenseman.
34:39: But during the Florida series, you know, that was one of the from a play by play standpoint.
34:44: All of those winning goals scored by Kachuk were pretty clean. There weren't any issues. So that would be the big thing while calling hockey games.
34:51: games. Well, so was it like great save by
34:54: system. It was close. It was close. It was a
34:58: radio late night Rangers game in LA at the old
35:01: forum. You know, I always tell the story about not going
35:05: to the men's room during that 20 inning game. But
35:10: aside from that, not too bad. It's amazing to be that you do
35:14: both radio and television because they are so different.
35:18: Is there one you enjoyed doing more because I mean, with
35:21: radio you have to fill in so much more that empty space.
35:26: Yeah, that's a great question.
35:27: Um, hockey's really the one sport where I go back and forth between TV and radio.
35:31: In the other three I've done primarily TV.
35:33: I've done a couple of radio games basketball, baseball, football, but it's been 99% television.
35:39: But, uh, the biggest difference is between radio and TV on radio.
35:43: You have to be so descriptive as far as where the puck is and hockey where the players are on the ice.
35:49: You have to give this score in the time a lot more because the listeners can't see it on the screen.
35:53: They're both a lot of fun.
35:55: Radio, I think, is where you learn your fundamentals and I would certainly recommend that any young broadcaster gets their start in radio.
36:03: But on television, there are usually a lot more eyeballs on it than there might be on a radio game.
36:09: It's certainly higher profile.
36:11: I've done NFL playoff games that are probably 40 million people watching.
36:15: some baseball playoff games and obviously now the Stanley Cup finals.
36:19: So on television, you have a producer and a director talking to your ear.
36:24: You have to follow along with what's going on on the screen on radio.
36:27: You're pretty much your own producer.
36:29: It doesn't matter what you're talking about because they can't see it.
36:32: So both are a lot of fun.
36:35: My goal when I was in high school in college was to do hockey on the radio.
36:38: And obviously it developed from there.
36:42: None of us expected Fox to make this crazy deal
36:45: to get the NFC package back in 1994.
36:48: Never in my wildest dreams that I think I would be doing
36:50: NFL football games on TV at the age of 26.
36:53: And Fox decided to hire Pat Summer all in John Madden,
36:56: Dick Stockton and Matt Millen, as the two veteran crews.
36:59: And then they went with four younger, unproven play by play broadcasters.
37:04: Myself, Joe Buck, Tom Brennan and Kevin Harlan.
37:07: And I'm so proud to say that I'm heading into year 30.
37:11: Joe Buck, one of the greatest of all time.
37:13: now with ESPN Monday night football, Kevin Haaland does a great job now with CBS and TNT,
37:18: Tom Brennan moves with Fox for over 25 years. So again, none of us expected to be there.
37:25: We were in the right place at the right time and again, hard to believe it's 30 years.
37:30: He's the voice of hockey. He'll bring you all the Stanley Cup games starting Saturday
37:33: night on TNT. Also has a new book out, a mic for all seasons, Kenny Albert with us, Kenny
37:39: quickly here and we appreciate the time on the way out.
37:42: Tell people where they can get the book, promote the book one more time on the way out here.
37:45: All right, I appreciate it.
37:46: So it's helpful for pre-order.
37:48: It won't be published until around August.
37:52: It comes out in early September.
37:55: And I think the pre-orders will be sent out in late September or early October.
37:59: So if you Google it, a mic for all seasons, MIC like a microphone.
38:04: And like I said, it's a compilation of stories about my early life calling the four
38:07: sports, color analysts, travel tales, Olympics, how we did things during the COVID year, years.
38:14: I was in the bubble and Edmonton for 37 days, calling Playoff Hockey. You know, the stories I
38:19: mentioned regarding Barry Trots and Mayor Bloomberg, among many, many others. It was really a lot of
38:25: fun. I wrote it myself. The forward, two forwards Wayne Bretsky and Walk Clive Frazier. I was a huge
38:33: We've spent both as a kid and wind up working with both.
38:37: Call about 15 next games a year with Clyde and Wayne Gretzky's part of our TNT crew and
38:42: he'll be on the road in Vegas and Florida along with the pregame and intermission postgame
38:47: crew Liam McQ, Paul Bisonette, and some Carter, Henry Plunkwist and Wayne.
38:51: Wayne worked a game with us last year in the booth and so gracious along with Clyde to take part.
38:57: So their names will be on the cover.
38:58: They wrote the forwards and can't wait to see it in print.
39:02: It could be ordered online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
39:07: If you put in the title of Mike for all seasons in the Google search, it'll pop right up.
39:11: So appreciate you allowing me to do a sales pitch here.
39:15: No, we appreciate your time.
39:17: We'll come see you when you're down here in South Florida.
39:20: If you need help in the booth with anything on your guy, you need a color guy.
39:24: I'm here for you.
39:24: Okay?
39:25: No, the Keith Jones who is wrapping up his broadcast career,
39:29: you're right. Which become the president of hockey operations for the Philadelphia
39:33: Flyers. He would appreciate a slice of pizza after the first period.
39:36: Okay. Don, and listen, if I don't see you, I'll see you again in 40 years, okay?
39:41: There you go. I love to challenge you in one of those Atari games.
39:46: Don, you probably still have an Atari with your AOL address.
39:49: I probably do.
39:52: Okay, this is a big great. We know it's a busy time for you. We appreciate your time.
39:56: plus with Brady up by the way I failed to mention don't need to shave right
40:00: you don't need to say it's great all right we're looking forward to your call
40:04: sary and it's our it's been great catching up and we'll we'll come see you
40:08: out of the arena thanks guys really appreciate it all right thank you
40:11: Kenny
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