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00:00: Where do you work, Peter?
00:02: It doesn't really matter.
00:04: I don't like my job and I don't think I'm going to go anymore.
00:08: Well, our culture is the most popular pastime, as we know, is complaining, especially about stress.
00:14: Now, we're stressed out.
00:15: Our second favorite hobby is to come up with trendy new labels for common human experiences.
00:21: What if we could whine about our stressful lives while also inventing a new label for something people have always done?
00:27: That would be the modern dream.
00:30: That's the holy grail.
00:31: And that's what brings us to the hot new trend called quiet quitting.
00:35: This is a major topic conversation on TikTok, especially where people are too burned out
00:39: to do their jobs, but not too burned out to record TikTok videos talking about how burned out they are.
00:44: So here's one viral TikTok video giving more details about this revolutionary new concept.
00:51: Everybody's talking about quiet quitting and how it's the new negative talent crisis.
00:57: I think it's a good thing.
00:58: The youngest generations at work
01:00: are rejecting the idea of hustle culture
01:03: or framing your entire life around some dream job.
01:06: With quiet quitting, you're doing what you're paid for and not more.
01:12: And it's about setting boundaries.
01:14: I see this as a healthy evolution that can actually equalize the employee employer relationship more.
01:21: First of all, doing the bare minimum at work
01:24: is not some unique quirky new approach to life.
01:27: We don't need a label for it.
01:29: It's called lazy.
01:30: You're lazy and you're stupid.
01:32: Second, if you wanna do the bare minimum, that's fine.
01:36: That's mediocrity.
01:38: If you wanna live a mediocre life, you're welcome to it.
01:41: Cut your mouth, you mediocre clarinet player.
01:45: Mediocre?
01:46: Many people before you have chosen that path
01:48: and many people after you will do the same.
01:50: That's why it's mediocrity.
01:51: And if you're doing the bare minimum at work,
01:54: Refusing to go above and beyond
01:56: and not pursuing anything else notable with your life,
01:58: then you will be unsuccessful and again mediocre.
02:02: We do the bare minimum, sometimes people die.
02:04: You will not flourish financially or in any other way.
02:08: Being lazy will extract a payment
02:10: from you whether you like it or not.
02:12: And what you are giving up in exchange for ease of life
02:15: is any chance of doing anything notable, interesting or great with your life.
02:19: You in a chosen one.
02:21: Because the notable, interesting and great things
02:23: done by people who give more of themselves than is required. You'll be quite quite
02:28: or find, don't come around later complaining about your lack of success. Don't become
02:32: envious of the people more successful than you. You wanted to quiet quit, okay? You wanted
02:37: to put in less effort, you aimed low and you got what you wanted. You have no right to
02:41: resent people who aimed higher than you.
02:43: Third and final point, related to the first two points. I am not suggesting that you should
02:46: stay forever in a job you hate pouring yourself into it year after miserable year. If you hate
02:51: your job and you feel unfulfilled by it. If you feel that it's not making use of your
02:56: talents, if you think it's a dead end, etc. Then go chase something better. If you just
03:00: don't want to work at all, then you're a lazy, overgrown child. As long as you maintain
03:06: that attitude, you're destined as previously discussed to be a mediocre failure and a
03:10: disgrace and embarrassment to your family and never want to know you. But if you're willing
03:14: to work and yet you feel that your work right now is wasted or futile or pointless, then
03:18: and go and pursue a new opportunity.
03:20: What matters is whether you're doing work that is meaningful to you
03:24: and which utilizes your talent, skills, and efforts.
03:27: And it's a lot better than being a lazy bum, also known as a quiet quitter.
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04:15: And now the makers of Quiet Quitting are back with a new hit called, hashtag, act your wage.
04:21: This is another viral trend, which is essentially the same thing as Quiet Quitting,
04:24: sort of taken the Marvel approach where the sequel is a carbon copy of the original,
04:28: the act your wage trend, which has taken off on TikTok,
04:32: is apparently best explained by this viral video, which has millions of views, from TikTok user, Sarai Marie.
04:38: Let's take a look.
04:40: Do you even know how to do your job?
04:42: I don't understand what...
04:45: Hey Veronica, I'm gonna have you take this home and work on it tonight, okay?
04:48: Respectfully Susan, I'd rather spend time with my family.
04:53: Veronica, did you just decline the Zoom meeting? That's at 630 tonight?
04:57: Oh, yeah, I did. I did do that. Yeah, because it's outside of my working hours, 9-5.
05:01: So, I won't be attending.
05:02: All right Veronica, I do need you to be available during your vacation, okay?
05:06: I'm a dark smile friend.
05:10: I've come to talk with you again.
05:13: Okay Veronica, I'm gonna need you to complete all of this today.
05:16: Susan, do I look like two people to you?
05:19: Oh, okay, just making sure.
05:21: Because that looks like the work of two people, right?
05:23: And I'm one, I'm just one person, right?
05:26: And it's time to go home, five o'clock.
05:32: I think you, bye.
05:33: It would appear that acting your wage means being so grating and annoying and shrill
05:39: that you end up sitting alone in an empty corner of the office because everybody else has jumped out the window.
05:49: Now, we should first note here as we did with the quiet quitting trend.
05:52: That proponents of this approach do in theory make a couple of valid points.
05:57: So it's true that you should have a life outside of work.
06:01: It's also true that you need to know how to set boundaries.
06:04: Not just at work, but in general, so you don't get taken advantage of.
06:07: But both of these potential positives are ultimately neutralized because for one thing,
06:10: there is no real value in ensuring that you have extra time outside of work if you aren't
06:14: going to spend that extra time doing something enriching and worthwhile.
06:18: I am not chugging beer.
06:20: I'm sampling a flight of gluten-free German loggers with a French wine pairing.
06:24: So most of these people will just go home and scroll through TikTok.
06:27: That's how they're spending that extra time.
06:29: Who's my princess?
06:31: Who's the most?
06:33: What the fuck is this?
06:34: We heard in the video that Veronica wanted to spend more time with her family, but the
06:37: problem is that these days, most people in their 20s don't have families.
06:41: So by family, they really mean they're couched their phone and their HBO Max subscription.
06:45: Second, setting boundaries is important, but in the adult world, you need to know how
06:50: to do that with a certain amount of tact and diplomacy.
06:53: We call this a diplomatic solution?
06:56: I call it aggressive negotiations.
06:57: What the videos recommending is that employees act like a bunch of spoiled toddlers, turning
07:01: up the smarmy level to 100, screeching like overgrown bats, and acting offended that their
07:07: boss would even ask them to do a little bit extra.
07:09: See, you can't, so much have to understand, kids, you cannot talk to your boss that way.
07:14: You might wish that you could, but you can't.
07:16: What the hell is wrong with you people?
07:18: And if you've made yourself expendable, that's going to be a problem for you.
07:21: And making yourself expendable, it's certainly one way to approach life.
07:24: The other way to approach it is to strive to be indispensable, but that takes effort and it takes talent.
07:31: And here's an important point.
07:32: It takes time.
07:33: But here's the good news.
07:34: If you're a younger person and you're just starting out in your career, the deck has been cleared.
07:39: Okay, many of your peers are settling for mediocrity already.
07:43: They haven't even tried yet and they've decided there's no point in trying.
07:47: This is an opportunity for you if you're not one of those people.
07:51: As long as you have slightly more fortitude and a slightly better work ethic, then all
07:56: those other losers, you have an opportunity, and that'll do it for today. that's midnight.