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02:06: Ah, ah, ah, ah!
02:07: We wow on the weekend.
02:09: We wow on the weekend.
02:11: We wow on the weekend.
02:14: Cause this is what we do on the weekend.
02:16: Talking, laughing, me and Reggie.
02:23: And then we go, wait no I said laughing twice
02:27: Whatever
02:28: We wow on the weekend
02:33: We wow on the weekend
02:34: Cause this is what we do on the weekend
02:39: Hello and welcome to We wow on the weekend
02:43: I'm your host Dennis
02:45: And that's Reggie, my sidekick
02:47: I mean co-host
02:48: I mean, um, what'd you get up to last night, Reggie?
02:52: Rrrr. Rrr. Rrr. Rrr.
02:53: Really? And then what?
02:55: Rrr. Rrr. Rrr.
02:56: Ahaha! Where'd a walrus learn how to DJ?
02:59: Rrr. Rrr. Rrr. Rrr. 50 frogs with glow sticks?
03:05: Rrr. Wow! What a wild night!
03:06: Rrr. Rrr. Rrr.
03:08: Oh, me? I stayed in, built a fort out of the couch cushions,
03:12: rode a gossip blog called Denysing, and made confetti.
03:16: Rrr. Rrr. Yeah! I made confetti!
03:18: Two whole bags.
03:20: With a confetti maker, Reggie.
03:23: What's a confetti maker?
03:25: Reggie, are we even friends?
03:29: Oh, right, right, right, right, right.
03:30: We should move on and answer some questions from my adoring fans.
03:35: It's time for the Q&A segment.
03:38: Ha, ha, ha, ha.
03:39: The Q&A segment.
03:44: All right, let's just get the old answering machine pulled up here.
03:47: Okay, here we go.
03:50: Hi, you've reached Dennis from We Wow on the Weekend.
03:54: That's me.
03:55: Do you have a question?
03:56: Well, I do too.
03:57: Lots of them.
03:58: And who's gonna answer all my questions?
04:02: Probably not.
04:03: But I guess I can answer yours.
04:05: Leave me a message.
04:07: Hi, Dennis.
04:09: It's Lucy.
04:10: I'm nine from Zenz, California.
04:12: I have a riddle for you.
04:13: One night, a canister, and a queen walked into a castle.
04:16: into the castle. No one was in there. It was completely empty.
04:20: Who else was in the castle with the king and the queen?
04:23: I hope you can answer it.
04:25: Oh, well riddle! I love riddles!
04:28: Okay, one night a king and a queen walked into an empty castle, but there was someone else
04:35: in there, but also no one was in there.
04:40: Oh, oh, I know. It's a, it's, it's, uh, uh, no wait, uh, no, never mind.
04:45: This is hard.
04:47: Okay Dennis, you can do this.
04:49: Just be logical.
04:50: Think back.
04:51: What did Lucy say exactly?
04:54: Okay, I pushed the button.
04:56: There was a beep.
04:57: And then, hi Dennis, it's Lucy from Venice, California.
05:00: I have a ready for you.
05:02: And then she said, um...
05:05: Reggie, be quiet.
05:07: I'm trying to remember what Lucy said after hi Dennis.
05:11: Well Lucy said my name and then I got distracted
05:13: Stracted because my name is so melodious
05:17: All right one night a king and a queen walked into an empty castle with no one else in there who else was in there
05:24: Um, I don't know a mouse or something and the answer is the night
05:30: Huh don't you get it one night a king and a queen walking through a castle?
05:38: Oh, one night.
05:40: Like a knight in shining armor.
05:42: Wow, that was a good one.
05:44: And I almost had it.
05:46: Next question, or riddle?
05:49: Hey Dennis, my name is Claire.
05:51: I live in Georgia and I am 11 years old.
05:54: My question is, how did you and Reggie meet?
05:58: Thanks, Spike.
05:58: How did me and Reggie meet?
06:01: Wow, thanks for your question, Claire.
06:03: Reggie, do you remember how we met?
06:07: Ragey, no! I met you way before that.
06:09: Ragey, yeah, huh? Remember, it was Season 3, Episode 3, and Elevator 2, the stars.
06:16: Ragey, I saw you from my driveway. You were gonna fly Mindy and Guy Ross to the Elevator's concert.
06:23: Ragey, yeah, now you remember, I was very concerned for your safety, and I told you I was a card-carrying member of an activist group for imaginary animal rights.
06:35: Yeah, that was a good episode. Next question!
06:38: Hi, Dennis. My name is June and I have a question for you.
06:43: What is the funniest joke you've learned in your whole entire life?
06:48: And why? Say hi to Reggie for me. Bye!
06:51: Wow. June! The funniest joke of my whole entire life?
06:56: Oh yeah, Reggie. June says hi.
06:59: Okay. Funniest joke. Funniest joke.
07:04: Oh, I know, this is a good one.
07:06: Broom.
07:07: Okay, so an elephant, a giraffe, and a lizard get on an airplane, and they, um, well, wait no, it's not an airplane.
07:15: It was a helicopter.
07:16: Broom.
07:17: Or actually, no, they were on an airplane because they were at the airport.
07:22: And then the lizard said, wait, no, was it a chameleon or a lizard?
07:26: Broom.
07:27: Are chameleons lizards?
07:28: Broom.
07:29: Whatever.
07:30: It was definitely a chameleon because the punchline is that it changes color.
07:33: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, pretend I didn't say that.
07:35: Okay, so the giraffe, the elephant, and the chameleon
07:39: are going through security at the airport,
07:41: and the security guard tells the elephant to take off her hat.
07:45: I forgot to say that the elephant is wearing a hat.
07:48: Okay, and then, hang on, Reggie,
07:52: I'm trying to remember the next part.
07:55: And then, oh, I remember, and then the chameleon says,
07:59: I've been here the whole time!
08:02: Ha ha ha ha ha!
08:06: Oh, that's a good one.
08:08: Thanks for your calls, everyone.
08:10: If you've got a question for me, call and leave me a message.
08:13: The number is 1-888-7.
08:16: Wow, wow.
08:17: I just might answer your question on We Wow on the weekend!
08:22: Okay, that takes care of that.
08:25: All right, next up is a little segment I like to call.
08:28: Inside Tinkercast Studios!
08:31: Inside Tinkercast Studios!
08:34: This is the part where we revisit an episode of one of my favorite Tinkercast shows.
08:41: And this weekend, we're revisiting episodes from the very first season of Wow in the World.
08:47: Today, we're doing a story from episode 7 called The Velocity of Poop.
08:54: R.J. Ew! Is this a gross one?
08:57: Well, did Guy Ross think it was gross?
08:59: Oh, he didn't.
09:01: Okay, I'll give it a shot.
09:03: Here we go.
09:04: And plank.
09:07: We will be right back.
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09:47: podcasts. That's it now back to the show.
09:53: Hey, there's a race about to happen. Hey, Mindy, yeah, I'm the official timekeeper.
10:08: Wait, is that an elephant and a tiger at the starting line? What is this? Yeah,
10:15: Yeah, can you hold my jacket for a second?
10:17: I gotta get the stopwatch ready.
10:20: Follow your mark.
10:21: Get set, set, go!
10:24: My new ornate takes the lead, follows us
10:25: with the behind-by conservation of faking matter.
10:28: And here comes your son-gun rumble.
10:29: Passing and I swirling the dooses out wild,
10:31: following close behind, and I'll need your number to bring the ring-bubble maker back.
10:36: OK, Roz, they're not moving, and I'm
10:39: pretty sure that elephant just went who.
10:42: Let's see here.
10:43: Five seconds.
10:45: Yes, so this race didn't appear to actually begin or move anywhere.
10:52: Oh, no, why that tiger just pooped.
10:54: Oh, man, what is happening?
10:56: I was stanked out here.
10:59: Oh, no, man.
10:59: Either the race went exactly to plan.
11:01: What are you talking about?
11:03: The elephant just stood there and pooped.
11:05: Yeah, I know.
11:06: Wasn't that great?
11:07: What the...
11:08: I thought, have you got bonker balls?
11:10: You're standing here on a track
11:12: with an elephant and a tiger holding a stopwatch,
11:15: you got a sweat band on your head,
11:18: and neither one of these animals seem interested
11:20: in running it all over, they just pooped again.
11:23: Oh, oh, oh.
11:24: Well, who said this was a running race, maybe?
11:26: Oh, oh, oh, oh.
11:27: What is happening?
11:29: Well, I'm trying to recreate an experiment
11:32: carried out by two researchers at the Georgia Institute
11:35: of Technology, David Hu and Patricia Ye.
11:39: Right, so let me just make sure I got this straight.
11:41: You are standing on this running track, holding a stopwatch,
11:45: watching an elephant and a tiger poop in the name of science?
11:49: Well, probably not exactly like this, Mindy,
11:53: but yeah, these two scientists basically timed how fast certain animals poop.
12:00: Okay, so you're telling me that two scientists
12:03: from one of the finest universities in the world timed how fast animals poop?
12:10: Yeah, that's exactly what I'm telling you, Mindy.
12:13: Oh, boy, there they go again.
12:15: Gaira, why would they do that?
12:17: I wouldn't even do something that crazy.
12:20: Well, Mindy, it has to do with something called scattermancy or coppermancy.
12:25: Scatic, copper, what?
12:27: Well, these were methods used by ancient doctors
12:31: a long, long, long time ago in places like China, ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome.
12:37: Okay, and this has what to do with animal poop?
12:41: Well, actually a lot, Mindy, in ancient times,
12:45: if you were sick, doctors would examine your poop.
12:49: They would look at the size and the shape and the color
12:52: and try and figure out if they could identify clues
12:55: that would help them understand why you were sick.
12:58: Ah, hold the phone, Guy Roz.
12:59: I've got some science business to take care of.
13:02: I'll be right back.
13:07: Sorry, I'm back. My science allavatory was occupied. So you're saying, Gaira, that we
13:14: can find out all of that stuff just by examining our poop, which I would never ever actually do, by the way.
13:23: Well, yeah, and in fact, Mindy, even modern-day doctors sometimes do the same thing because
13:28: Our poop is simply what our body produces from our food
13:32: after it takes in the vitamins and nutrients from the food.
13:36: Okay, so let me just make sure I've got this straight.
13:38: These two researchers, David Hoo and Patricia Geng,
13:42: did this experiment just to find out if these animals were healthy?
13:47: Well, in this case, not exactly.
13:49: They were actually more interested in finding out how fast different mammals poop.
13:55: Oh, now this is getting interesting.
13:57: And Mindy, what they wanted to find out is why poop comes out in different shapes and
14:02: sizes in different mammals, including us humans.
14:06: Wow, yeah, I'm still having trouble wrapping my brain around this one.
14:09: So what did they do?
14:11: What they did was they videotaped 34 different mammals at the Atlanta Zoo.
14:17: So elephants, lions, gorillas, bears, and then they watched videos of the animals pooping.
14:24: Well, I guess science does happen in all kinds of ways, so what do they find out?
14:30: Well the first thing they found out was about poop size and the size of the animal, so the bigger the animal.
14:37: The bigger the poop?
14:39: Yes, which sounds kind of obvious, right?
14:42: I'd say that's pretty obvious.
14:43: But here's another interesting thing these scientists observed.
14:47: There's more?
14:48: Yeah, they found out that bigger animals pooped faster than smaller animals.
14:53: Okay.
14:54: So an elephant, for example, takes about five seconds to poop,
14:58: but a dog can take up to 20 seconds to poop.
15:02: Ow, please tell me they were wearing those plugs during this experiment.
15:06: Well, as far as I understand, there were some stinky situations, but...
15:12: Ow, you said that!
15:15: But what they found is that most mammals take
15:18: between five and 20 seconds to go poop.
15:21: Wow, okay, so this is gross and fascinating,
15:25: but I have to ask, Ira, why is this even important?
15:29: I'll get there, Mindy, but before I do that,
15:31: can you guess why bigger animals poop out faster than smaller ones?
15:37: Why does an elephant poop faster than a monkey?
15:39: Because they're in a bigger hurry,
15:42: or maybe their poop's just so heavy, it just falls out really fast.
15:46: Well, actually, the scientists discovered
15:49: that the bigger the animal, the more likely their poop
15:53: is covered in a thicker layer of a slippery coating.
15:57: And the smaller the animal, the thinner the layer of that slippery coating.
16:00: So how is this information going to help make the world a better place, GuyRos?
16:06: Uh-huh.
16:06: Well, as you know, Mindy, science is about curiosity
16:10: and discovery, and it doesn't always have to have a point.
16:13: But in this case, David, whose research might actually
16:17: help people and other animals who have trouble going to the bathroom.
16:21: That's interesting.
16:22: Yeah, this research might lead to new medicines that could make life a little more comfortable
16:27: for lots of people who have pain when they go to the bathroom.
16:31: And that could be an incredibly important invention.
16:34: Well, this is all starting to sound like a poop or dooper idea.
16:38: And it gets better, Mindy.
16:40: In 2015, this scientist, David Hough, won a famous award known as the Ig Nobel Prize for
16:46: Another study he wrote about.
16:48: He won the Nobel Prize, the most famous prize in all of science.
16:54: The same prize that Albert Einstein won.
16:57: Well, actually it was the Ig Nobel Prize.
17:01: It's an award given to a scientist whose research makes people laugh.
17:06: That science had to be serious.
17:08: There was laughing a lot of science.
17:10: Okay, wait a minute.
17:11: So what was the research?
17:12: Well, he won that award for studying how fast mammals go...
17:17: Of course he did.
17:18: So what did he discover?
17:20: Well, he discovered that on average, we mammals take about 20 seconds to empty out our
17:25: bladders, which is where we store our P inside our bodies.
17:29: Oh, check it out.
17:30: I think that elephant tiger that you were observing on the racetrack might be a...
17:34: Animals to your starting positions.
17:38: Who will prove to be number one at number one?
17:41: One evening.
17:43: On your mark.
17:43: On your mark.
17:44: Get set.
17:47: If you know what I mean.
17:50: They might be doing that P experiment on their own.
17:54: I guess it's time to clean it up.
17:56: What would you look at the time?
17:58: Get around, not it!
18:00: R-Reji?
18:02: Care to explain?
18:04: No said it wasn't a gross one!
18:06: R-Rajai! There was pooping and tooting and peeing!
18:10: R-Rajai! Yes, I know poop is important for science, but that's not the point!
18:14: R-Rajai! The point is, now I have to go wash my ears out!
18:18: R-Rajai! Well, thanks everyone for listening to this episode of We Wow on the Weekend!
18:26: Be sure to give our phone lines a call to ask me Dennis a question
18:32: The number is one eight eight eight seven wow wow that's one eight eight eight seven wow wow
18:39: I just might answer your question on we wow on the weekend
18:45: Ready now I told you already I have to go wash my ears out
18:49: Because I think there's animal toots stuck in there and I need to get it out
18:55: No, Roger, I'm not going to use shampoo.
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