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00:34: That's it. Now, back to the show.
00:41: We wow on the weekend.
00:43: We wow on the weekend.
00:45: We wow on the weekend.
00:47: Cause this is what we do on the weekend.
00:50: Talking, laughing, me and Reggie.
00:54: Singing, laughing, and then we...
00:57: Oh wait, no, I said laughing twice.
01:01: Whatever.
01:01: We wow on the weekend.
01:03: Yeah, we wow on the weekend.
01:06: Clap, clap, we wow on the weekend.
01:08: Cause this is what we do on the weekend.
01:13: Hello and welcome to We Wow on the weekend.
01:17: I'm your host, Dennis.
01:20: And Reggie is my co-host, which I guess also makes some York co-hosts, I think.
01:25: This is the show where we hang out in Mother's basement on the weekend, in Chichat, and play games,
01:31: and listen to episodes of Tinkercast Podcasts, and do all kinds of other stuff.
01:35: I don't know, Reggie, all kinds.
01:38: Hmm. Well, what do you want to do first?
01:42: No, I don't want to do that. Let's play what's in the box again.
01:46: What do you mean that bit is played out?
01:50: Well, I think it's still funky fresh.
01:52: Let's do it.
01:54: I found a box down here in the basement.
01:57: And now I'm gonna find out what's in the box.
01:59: Okay, you stay here.
02:01: I'm gonna go into the crawl space.
02:03: Reggie, quiet.
02:04: I'm not gonna get stuck again.
02:06: I just gotta duck under this.
02:09: One beam.
02:10: Yeah.
02:12: Okay.
02:13: I'm in.
02:14: I'm just gonna grab a box here.
02:17: Yeah.
02:18: Okay, I got one.
02:20: Okay.
02:21: Okay.
02:21: Okay.
02:25: Okay, got a box.
02:27: Now let's open it and find out what's in it.
02:31: Ready?
02:32: What in this box?
02:38: It's baby Dennis.
02:40: Baby Dennis is back, baby.
02:44: Baby Dennis, my favorite ventriloquist dummy who looks just like me.
02:48: No, uh, big Dennis looks just like Baby Dennis.
02:53: What were you doing in the box, Baby Dennis?
02:55: The giant pigeon put Baby Dennis in here.
02:58: Roger, how could you?
03:02: Oh yeah, I guess I did leave them sitting out.
03:04: Thanks for putting him away.
03:05: But now we need to start the show over.
03:08: Because we have another co-host.
03:14: Hello and welcome to WeWOW on the weekend. I'm your host, Dennis.
03:19: And I'm Baby Dennis.
03:21: Reggie, Baby Dennis is not weird and creepy.
03:25: Yeah, I'm adorable.
03:27: Hey Baby Dennis, what do you want to do on the show today?
03:31: Baby Dennis wants to review reviews.
03:35: Great idea, Baby Dennis.
03:37: Reggie, you know what reviews are.
03:40: Yeah Reggie, reviews are the comments people write on Apple podcasts or Spotify or whatever
03:46: and they give us stars and we print them out and read them out loud.
03:51: That's right, very good baby Dennis.
03:53: Tee hee.
03:55: Okay, here we go.
03:57: Ahem.
03:58: I'm reading Rip those ees.
04:00: For me, for you, there's we got us some dosis.
04:03: So let's read.
04:05: Reveals.
04:09: Tastes all right. Let's get the first review see here
04:14: This one's from user name
04:16: Uh-oh
04:19: I can't read that. Oh is it something naughty?
04:23: No, it's not naughty. I just don't know what all these symbols are underscore six
04:30: Sir come flex open bracket close brackets or come flex again. I'm not reading all these symbols
04:38: The title says, questions for Dennis.
04:41: The message says, Mr. Dennis.
04:44: Ooh, I like being called Mr. Dennis.
04:47: He he he.
04:50: Mr. Dennis, I have five questions for you.
04:53: Five.
04:55: Question one.
04:56: Who do you think is Static Man?
05:00: And then, um, that's it.
05:03: Well, the rest of the questions.
05:05: Mr. Dennis, Mr. Dennis!
05:09: Baby, Dennis knows who Stannickman is.
05:13: Rrrr.
05:13: Ah, ha, ha, ha.
05:14: Well, that's just a...
05:16: Stannickman is Mr. Dennis!
05:18: Rrrr.
05:19: Rrrr.
05:20: Rrrr.
05:22: Okay, that's all right if you don't know, baby, Dennis.
05:25: Rrrr.
05:26: We're all the way that Stannickman is probably someone really strong and really capable,
05:32: and really mysterious, and really good at gardening.
05:35: Next question!
05:35: That's it, man!
05:36: It's me!
05:38: No, no, no, no, no, next question!
05:42: Okay, this one is from username T-T-G-B-B-J-N-K.
05:47: The title says, chicken.
05:50: And the message says, chicken, chicken, chicken emoji.
05:55: Well, my response to you is, uh, I don't know.
06:01: Baby Dennis, how do we respond?
06:03: Pigeon, pigeon, pigeon emoji.
06:07: Ha, ha, ha!
06:09: Next pigeon, I mean, next review-sy.
06:12: All right, this last review-sy.
06:15: I know, I know.
06:17: My printer ran out of ink, sorry.
06:19: Woo-hoo-hoo!
06:20: This last one is from Username, LROs9.
06:24: The title says, this is for Dennis and his reviews.
06:28: Ah, they're called reviews.
06:30: Yes, thank you, baby Dennis, calm down.
06:32: And the message says, I would rate it a 15 out of 10.
06:37: Oh, and then there's a whole bunch of thumbs up emojis.
06:41: Ooh, how many?
06:42: A lot.
06:44: And gold smiley faces and gold medals and gold trophies and gold ribbons.
06:49: Hooray!
06:51: Re-witch!
06:52: Thanks, Eleoros.
06:54: Yes, and thank you, everyone, for all your reviews.
06:58: Keep them coming.
07:00: If you leave a comment on Apple Podcast or Spotify,
07:03: I just might read it on WeWOW on the weekend.
07:06: BEE-BEE!
07:07: Five stars or more, please?
07:09: BEE-BEE!
07:10: Baby Dennis, don't be ridiculous.
07:12: Obviously, we want five stars or more.
07:14: BEE-BEE!
07:15: Okay, now should we listen to a TinkerCast podcast?
07:19: BEE-BEE!
07:20: Baby Dennis is ready!
07:21: Perfect, because next up is a little segment I like to call
07:26: Inside TinkerCast Studios.
07:28: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!
07:29: Inside Dinkercass Studio!
07:32: This is the part where we revisit an episode
07:35: of one of my favorite Tinker Cascows.
07:38: Oh, whoa!
07:38: And today, we're listening to an episode
07:41: of Wow in the World from season one, episode eight.
07:44: This is Baby Dennis' favorite episode called Let's Flamingo.
07:50: All right, let's get the episode ready here.
07:53: Baby Dennis, what do you want to put to the button?
07:55: No, big Dennis wants to press the button.
07:58: No! Baby Dennis wants to push the button because Baby Dennis is a baby!
08:04: But that's not fair!
08:08: Okay, fine. Baby Dennis can push the button.
08:11: Array!
08:12: Teehee! Press!
08:15: We will be right back.
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08:21: Hey, Grown-ups, Mindy and Guy Ross here!
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09:09: Mm-hmm-hmm-hmm.
09:16: That's it, now back to the show.
09:23: Someone told me it's all happening at the zoo.
09:25: I do believe it.
09:28: I do believe it's true.
09:31: Yeah.
09:32: Oh, oh, oh.
09:35: Whoa.
09:36: Whoa.
09:38: Hey, you got it.
09:41: Do something about that door guy, Ros.
09:43: It really blocks the entry to get inside your house.
09:46: Did you just run right through it?
09:49: Don't worry, I'm finally if you scratch it.
09:52: My beautiful door.
09:54: Well, you're ready for a day at the zoo?
09:56: Am I ever?
09:57: I've checked off just about everything on my safety spreadsheet.
10:01: Let's see, sunscreen.
10:03: I got my first day in kids, some bubble wrap, some toilet seat covers.
10:09: I got a shovel to dig you out of trouble, maybe.
10:12: Yeah, I'd say we're all set for an accident free day at the zoo.
10:15: Right.
10:16: So in that case, I brought along some bright reflective clothing for you to wear.
10:22: And just in case there are hunters or something.
10:25: Hunters?
10:26: Yeah, or if we get separated in a crowd of people and I need to find you more easily,
10:31: you should definitely have these bright clothes on.
10:33: Well, normally I'm not really one for flashy clothing.
10:36: You can still wear your wool pants and tweed blazers.
10:39: Put this stuff on top, okay?
10:41: Well, okay, but only for safety reasons, Mindy.
10:44: What other reasons could I possibly have?
10:48: Errrr...
10:49: Here, put these on first.
10:51: Hot pink leggings?
10:52: Uh, okay.
10:53: Yep, just please, mom.
10:55: Right over your world trousers.
10:57: Mmm, looking great.
10:58: It seems a little weird.
11:00: Just remember, we're doing this for safety.
11:03: Right, uh, that's...
11:04: Now just climb into this hot pink unitarred.
11:07: Errr...
11:08: Easy doesn't.
11:09: Got it!
11:10: Okay, hold it right there.
11:13: So what is this all about?
11:16: Okay, remember how you once said that you would do anything for science?
11:21: Yeah, pretty much anything, I guess.
11:24: Well, would you go into a dark cave filled with bats?
11:28: Sure.
11:29: Would you spend a year living with a pack of wild wolves?
11:33: Sure, especially if they listen to Prokofiev.
11:35: Well, I am asking you now, if you believe in science.
11:40: Okay.
11:41: I need you to dress up like a pink flamingo.
11:45: Ah, now I get it.
11:48: Okay, but I am absolutely drawing the line at the beak.
11:52: Oh no worries, I can just paint your nose to look like one.
11:54: Okay, if you're sure this is gonna help science.
11:58: Come here, we got a squeezy window this pinkly-attired.
12:01: Here!
12:09: Ah yeah, that's the stuff.
12:10: All of this pink spandex is starting to feel a little tight.
12:17: It's just doing its job, GuyRaz.
12:19: Now for the final touch, I just need to glue all of these
12:22: to you, so stay really, really still, okay?
12:25: Pink feathers.
12:26: Remember, this is for science.
12:28: Uh, okay, now hand me that crazy glue and turn around.
12:31: I gotta get the back.
12:32: Are you sure about this, Mendy?
12:33: Do I not look like I know what I'm doing?
12:35: Hey, hey, hey, what are you gonna wear?
12:37: Wow, I'm just gonna wear a sensible, tailored pant suit.
12:40: To the zoo?
12:41: Yeah, people already think I'm ridiculous,
12:43: so this is gonna show them a serious side.
12:46: I have no idea what's going on anymore.
12:48: Okay, let me just glue one last little feather
12:51: to your forehead and we are done.
12:55: Gaira's the look is complete and you are one fabulous flamingo.
13:02: Okay, now grab your safety sack.
13:03: It is time to go to the zoo.
13:06: We got to hurry though, because there's something I want to investigate once we get there.
13:09: Investigate?
13:10: Come on!
13:11: Let's go!
13:12: My carrier pigeon is waiting outside and we charge it by the minute!
13:15: Okay, saddle up and get ready for takeoff.
13:18: Because here we...
13:19: Yeah!
13:20: Yeah!
13:21: Yeah!
13:23: Yeah!
13:23: Yeah!
13:24: Yeah!
13:25: Yeah!
13:26: Yeah!
13:27: Yeah!
13:29: Yeah!
13:30: Yeah!
13:31: Yeah!
13:32: Yeah!
13:32: your carrier pigeon moves fast. I still can't believe you trained him to carry you everywhere you
13:37: want to go. Hey, I believe we made it to the zoo in one piece. Mindy, are you sure that all this
13:42: pink feathered spandex was a good idea? I feel like everyone's staring at me weird. Oh, well if
13:49: that's what you're worried about, then I know a place where you will fit right in. Oh no.
13:55: Come on, let's go!
13:56: Oh, it's okay.
13:58: Okay, here we are.
14:00: Ah, the flamingo pen.
14:03: Really, Mindy?
14:04: With your bee-keld hive, I want you to march right on into the middle of that block.
14:09: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
14:10: I want you to start to flamingo, okay?
14:12: What?
14:13: Why is everyone taking my picture?
14:14: Make a Ros, look at me.
14:16: Look at me.
14:18: You are the most beautiful and unique flamingo in the flock.
14:24: There is literally no other flamingo like you.
14:27: So own it, okay?
14:29: Okay.
14:30: Now just follow my directions.
14:32: First, squat down like you're going to sit on an invisible chair, like a toilet or something.
14:38: Uh, like this?
14:39: Now, with your back straight, use your hips as a hinge and push your butt backward.
14:45: This feels weird.
14:46: Right, that means you're doing it right.
14:47: Now, stay steady.
14:49: Don't lean forward.
14:51: Your knees and ankles should be at a 90 degree angle.
14:55: Okay.
14:56: Yeah, you're doing great.
14:58: Now try it with just one leg and close your eyes and try to fall asleep, okay?
15:03: Mindy, I'm not true at the point of all this is.
15:06: Easy does it.
15:07: Now without losing your balance, switch over to the other way.
15:11: I am not understanding the science here.
15:14: Oh, well, for that I have a really good explanation.
15:17: Okay, this better be good.
15:19: Okay, Roz, remember how I told you
15:20: that I wanted to come to the zoo today
15:22: to conduct sort of an investigative science experiment.
15:26: So there is a scientific reason why I'm standing here
15:29: in a flock of flamingos dressed in pink feathers?
15:32: Of course there is.
15:34: Sort of.
15:35: This better be good.
15:35: OK, so yesterday I read this crazy study led by two scientists in Georgia,
15:41: Linatine, a biomedical engineer at Emory University, and young Wade Chang, a neuro-machineist at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
15:50: So I know that a biomedical engineer is a scientist
15:54: that helps doctors invent new devices and tools
15:57: to help them do their jobs better,
15:59: but I'm not as familiar with neuro-machinist.
16:02: It sounds like maybe someone who works with machines and the brain.
16:06: Well, yeah, sort of.
16:07: So the way I understand it is a neuro-machinist
16:10: is a scientist who works with prosthetics, meaning like artificial arms and legs
16:16: for people who have either lost them or were born without them.
16:19: Wow, so how did their study lead me
16:21: to standing here in the middle of a zoo in a homemade flamingo suit?
16:25: Well, it didn't really, technically I led you here.
16:29: But what these scientists noticed
16:31: was that flamingos can stand for a really, really long time
16:35: on one leg, so long they even sleep while standing on one leg.
16:41: Yeah, but don't lots of birds stand on one leg?
16:43: Yeah, they do, but flamingos make it look effortless.
16:46: I mean, they can stand on one leg for hours at a time,
16:50: whereas most birds have to ship from one leg to the other after a while,
16:54: or just give a ball together and use both legs.
16:57: I'll say I am definitely not cut out for flamingo.
17:01: Like this one leg thing is a workout.
17:03: Well, that's the thing.
17:04: So when we humans and even other birds stand on one leg,
17:07: takes a lot of muscle strength to hold us up and help us keep our balance.
17:11: But with flamingos?
17:13: These scientists discovered that they used almost no forest at all.
17:18: The baby flamingos just slept there on one lag like nobody's business.
17:22: Wow, so how did they discover this?
17:25: So the first thing they did was go to the zoo just like us.
17:29: Were they dressed as flamingos?
17:30: Like, no, that would be ridiculous.
17:32: They're respected scientists, GuyRos.
17:34: Oh, right.
17:35: So they went to the zoo.
17:36: And with the help of the zookeepers, they got eight baby flamingos
17:40: and they put them on this measuring device called a forest plant.
17:44: And what's it look like?
17:45: Well, a force plate is like a little flat square
17:48: that looks sort of like a tiny dance floor,
17:51: and it's used to measure things like balance and whatever standing on it.
17:55: And I guess in this case, baby flamingos.
17:58: Right, and so they fed the babies, put them on the force plate,
18:01: and then they waited for them to get sleepy.
18:05: This is starting to sound really cute.
18:07: Oh, you have no idea, GuyRaz.
18:09: Anywho, once the baby flamingos started to fall asleep,
18:13: They used the force plate to measure how much force they were using to keep their balance
18:18: as they slept there on one leg.
18:20: And what did they discover?
18:22: They discovered that they used almost no force at all.
18:26: The baby flamingos just slept there on one leg like nobody's business.
18:31: So how is this possible?
18:32: I mean, when I stood here on one leg and closed my eyes, I almost fell into that pond over there.
18:38: That's because when we humans start to lose our balance, our brains freak out and start shouting things like, beige, beige, to our muscles
18:46: so that they tighten up and start doing their jobs.
18:48: But don't flamingos have the same signals
18:51: running between their brains and their muscles?
18:54: Very little.
18:56: They don't even need it because their bodies
18:58: are just designed to balance on one leg like that.
19:01: Wow, so how do they find this out?
19:03: Okay, so this part is a little gross.
19:07: Gross?
19:07: These scientists used flamingo cadavers.
19:13: Dead, full of mingos.
19:15: Who I guess donated their bodies to a science?
19:18: And I guess you could say that.
19:20: The reason they used cadavers is because they don't have
19:23: any muscles at all, because, you know, cadavers are...
19:26: Thanks I got it, they're dead.
19:28: So they took the cadavers and they sent them up on one leg
19:31: with nothing else to hold them up, and guess what happened?
19:35: They killed over and tied all over again?
19:38: Nope. they're steady, completely upright, never flopped.
19:43: And so then they decided to press their luck.
19:46: In an effort to throw the flamingo cadavers off balance,
19:49: they tilted the upper part of their bodies forward
19:52: and backward and no matter what they did, those cadavers just stood there majestically.
19:59: And what's even crazier is that because of that hinge
20:01: in the flamingo's hips, the scientists were able
20:04: to move their legs so easily that they were still able
20:08: to stand up right in a way that required almost no energy or muscle strength.
20:13: Amazing.
20:14: So in living flamingos, if they have to jump out of the mud and run for a predator or an animal
20:19: that's trying to eat it, or even just stay steady on a windy day, they can easily switch
20:24: their legs and stay upright without really having to activate any of their muscles.
20:29: That's incredible, mini.
20:31: I know, right?
20:32: You know, earlier you mentioned that Dr. Ting works with prosthetics or artificial arms and legs.
20:38: Did her discovery lead to any helpful connections between the two?
20:43: So, Dr. Ting studies how people can start to move again after they've been hurt really bad
20:47: or lose an arm or a leg in an accident.
20:50: And sometimes this requires the help of prosthetics.
20:53: So the idea here is that if flamingos can go back and forth standing on one leg with almost
20:58: no energy, then maybe this discovery will lead to improvements in robotics or robot-powered prosthetics for humans.
21:07: just people like you who really want to be flamingos.
21:11: Mindy, I did this for science.
21:14: Gara's you did this for the crowd of people taking pictures of you.
21:18: Yeah.
21:19: Come on, you're a fancy flamingo.
21:20: Oh no.
21:21: Now give the people what they want.
21:22: Step right up, step right up, and come and get just
21:26: super-namp photos of the human flamingo boy.
21:30: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
21:33: Today, I'm coming in to save you a little buddy.
21:36: My beautiful feathers, they're ruined!
21:39: You're a good guy, Roz, but a terrible bird.
21:43: Come on, let's get you out of this pink spandex and flamingo.
21:46: Yeah, Adios flamingos.
21:48: Oh, yeah.
21:56: Reggie, baby Dennis, heard you on the podcast!
22:01: You're so cool and famous!
22:04: Hey Reggie, how long can you stand on one leg?
22:07: Hmm, hmm, hmm.
22:08: What?
22:09: That's all.
22:09: Flamingos can do it for hours.
22:11: Hmm, hmm, hmm.
22:12: Baby Dennis, how about you?
22:14: How long can you stand on one leg?
22:16: Um, how long can big Dennis hold up his arms?
22:19: Ah, right.
22:20: You're a ventriloquist dummy.
22:21: Your legs are just little floppy plastic things.
22:24: Your legs are little floppy plastic things.
22:27: No, they're not.
22:28: Watch.
22:29: I can stand on one leg.
22:31: Okay, here I go.
22:32: One, two, three.
22:38: Ow, my Rumpus!
22:40: Stop laughing!
22:41: Stop laughing!
22:43: He's big Dennis, okay?
22:45: Yes, and big Dennis wants to wrap up the show.
22:48: Let's do the good boys song!
22:49: Woohoo!
22:50: Good idea.
22:52: Ha-ha-ha!
22:53: That's the end of the show.
22:56: Standing on one leg is surprisingly hard.
23:00: But I'll do another show tomorrow.
23:05: But for now, that's the end of the show.
23:07: Beep-ee! Bye! Say goodbye, baby Dennis.
23:10: Goodbye, baby Dennis!
23:11: Oh, you!
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